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About us:

Planner 5D is a global hub for home design, uniting over 90+ million users in 230 territories around our planet (yes, we have 2 users connecting from Antarctica each month!). Our platform simplifies the home renovation process from concept to execution, and this process has never been more straightforward with our cutting-edge software. You don't need to be a professional designer to enhance your home or workspace. We are dedicated to streamlining the design experience, making the customization of dream homes accessible to everyone.

Our cross-platform presence spans Web, iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, ensuring seamless synchronization for our users.  Planner 5D is more than just software; it's a vibrant community of enthusiastic and product-oriented professionals. From diverse backgrounds, our team collaborates across time zones, fueled by a shared passion to revolutionize the home design market.

We are constantly looking for like-minded talent eager to take ownership and drive innovation within our expanding suite of tools. Join us in shaping the future of home design.

We’re looking for Frontend developer who share our passion for writing clean and reusable code using JavaScript and TypeScript.
Note that we use object-oriented programming (OOP) approach mainly as well as we work according to strict coding standards and other technical requirements.

Our tech stack: PHP 7.4(8.1), Symfony, PHPUnit, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Git., Docker.
For the front-end part: native Javascript, JQuery(legacy code), Typescript, Three.js(OpenGL), SVG, Canvas, WebGL, Webpack, Websocket, Jest (unit tests), Docker.

Required knowledge and deep understanding of

    • 5+ years of experience in Web development
    • Experience with OOP approach
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Popular frameworks and libraries (at least jQuery)
    • ECMAScript 6+
    • CSS
    • Compatibility between web browsers
    • Supporting technologies - REST, JSON, XML, HTML, Git, ...
    • How to write clean and maintainable code
    • Best practices in security, performance, memory management, maintainability, ...
    • Good understanding of web protocols (HTTP, Web Sockets, ...)
    • Intermediate in English

Nice to have

    • Experience with 2D (SVG, Canvas)
    • Experience with 3D graphics (we use WebGL)
    • Understanding of mathematics, geometry
    • Some knowledge of AngularJs, ReactJS, VueJS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, etc can be a plus

You will be truly welcome in our team if:

    • Love what you do: We're looking for team members who truly enjoy their work and bring that enthusiasm to the team every day.
    • Tech geek at heart: If coding, experimenting with new software tools, or curious about tech trends is your thing, you're speaking our language.
    • with solution-oriented mindset: When you are faced with challenges, you start thinking of possible solutions instead of dwelling on the problems.
    • Have tech hobbies? Yes, Please!: programming, microcontrollers, 3D printing, physics, mathematics, etc.
    • Team Player Who Gets It: We value team members who can grasp tasks quickly and communicate their ideas effectively – teamwork makes the dream work!
What we offer:
- Great work environment that balances freedom and responsibility
- Our team is made up of friendly and passionate enthusiasts who are eager to help and share their knowledge
- We believe in work-life balance, so you'll receive around 30+ days of paid holidays per year
- Company computer equipment by request
- Education courses for our team members, and we're willing to allocate funds toward your training expenses
- English classes on our corporate platform
- Offline company events in Lithuania and online team-building
- Unlimited free Planner5D subscriptions