Full-Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Platform – Engineering /
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Platform is dedicated to empowering founders on their journey to success. We expedite their path by providing comprehensive support through essential resources such as capital, top-tier talent, shared services, expert guidance, and a proven methodology. We aim to enable visionary entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to create groundbreaking companies that address some of the world's most pressing challenges. Think of us as the "AWS for startup development."

Our portfolio spans various industries, including sustainable commerce, sports influencer marketing, indie music, insurance, logistics, and more. Jeremy Burton, a seasoned serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record, founded Platform with Tim Connors, a venture investor renowned for backing six unicorns and contributing over $30 billion in market capitalization. Our unique approach embodies the collective wisdom of Jeremy and Tim, who boast over 50 years of experience building thriving startups.

As a venture studio, our secret recipe for startup success consists of three key ingredients: exceptional talent from founders, identification of unmet needs, and the creation of innovative solutions. Among these elements, talent precedes our commitment to attracting the most outstanding talent to collaborate with Platform. Our mission revolves around helping founders from all walks of life achieve their goals, and this begins with gaining recognition among the very best founders making them aware of the opportunities a venture studio can provide.

This full-time position reports directly to Lissette Arias, Chief Product Officer. It offers the flexibility of remote work, allowing individuals to contribute to our mission from any location. Join us in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and building companies that change the world.

What is a day like?
To set the tone: Welcome to the high-speed, high-stakes world of Formula One of the venture world. You are now part of the A-team, the pit crew ruled by precision, efficiency, and a relentless drive to innovate and execute at TOP speed.

You will collaborate daily with a consistent core team, yet your work involves regular context-switching among various products and applications and interactions with different founders. A typical day may begin with developing a new feature, swiftly followed by a shift to bug fixing on another project. Team members maintain and update Asana boards daily, tracking all tasks and transparently communicating progress to the relevant teams. Much chatter is carried out via Slack or on working sessions through Zoom. This role requires adaptability and the ability to multitask effectively, keeping pace with the evolving needs of multiple projects simultaneously. We launch fully working products in 8 short weeks. This timeframe is more rapid than your typical development cycle. This environment is perfect for those who thrive in a high-energy, fast-development setting where agility and quick thinking are paramount.

What you will do

    • Build, iterate, and maintain early-stage products using Bubble.io/Webflow and traditional full-stack development
    • Help triage and prioritize feedback from end-users
    • Implement measurement mechanisms for crucial metrics in early-stage products, incorporating integrations with tools such as Segment and Mixpanel
    • Collaborate closely with Platform's design and growth teams to gain insights into product metrics and respond proactively
    • Facilitate seamless transitions of early-stage products to founding teams, internal engineers, or external engineering partners for ongoing development as required
    • Asana is our sole source of truth, requiring daily updates

Who you are

    • Full-stack development experience (leaning more towards the frontend or backend is fine)
    • Proficiency with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
    • Proficiency in scripting languages (Ruby or Python) and hands-on experience with automation tools
    • Familiarity with cloud-based computing platforms, including AWS and Google Cloud
    • Strong command over multiple database management systems
    • Experienced systems thinker with a solid grasp of data modeling concepts
    • Proficient in deconstructing intricate technical projects into manageable epics and tasks
    • Exceptional at scoping and time management for efficient project execution
    • Effective communicator, skilled in bridging the gap between technical intricacies and non-technical team members
    • Familiarity with low-code tools or a quick and enthusiastic learner open to mastering Bubble
    • Comfortable thriving in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, capable of steering the ship while constructing it
    • Demonstrated technical understanding and engineering judgment, excelling in task prioritization based on impact and urgency, recognizing the varying degrees of perfection and attention to detail required
    • Proficient in assessing risks and tradeoffs, adept at proposing swift solutions or comprehensive approaches tailored to specific situations
    • Strong ability to diagnose application issues and make informed decisions regarding low-code versus traditional coding, adhering to the 80/20 rule
    • Proficient in conducting thorough solution testing to ensure product quality
    • Committed to inclusive and ethical engineering, valuing empathy, cultural awareness, and accessibility principles (WCAG) in product development

Benefits & Perks

    • Competitive salary commensurate with experience and location
    • Benefits - health, vision, dental, 401(k)
    • Participation in Platform Cohort SPVs (equivalent to venture fund carry)
    • Flexibility to work from anywhere
    • Flexible vacations
    • An empathetic, supportive, and inclusive culture