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Are you a web tech hero and a strong advocate for web games?
Then you might be a good fit for our Game Tech Engineer role! We are on a mission to build the ultimate online playground for kids of all ages. Every day, 2 million users and 200+ game developers come together on our web platform to play and create games, leading Poki to become the global leader in web games. To scale and improve our services to our community of game developers, we are looking for a Game Tech Engineer. Are you interested in creating cutting edge web tech and helping out a growing 200+ game developer community? Then read on!

TLDR: As our Game Tech Engineer you are submerged in web gaming technology. You like to play around with code and when there’s a technical issue, you don't stop until you've come up with a solution. You’re a passionate inventor; a web tech hero and a strong advocate for web games. Being part of our Developer Operations team, you'll be helping our growing game developer community as quickly and thorough as possible.
Your challenge:
#1: Solve game tech challenges and set up a technical support workflow for scale. Give day-to-day technical support to our growing 200+ game developer community leveraging the latest web technologies. Whilst giving technical support you’ll identify technical improvements for our developer products and set up a technical support flow for scale. You’ll implement a feedback loop for the organisation, create a knowledge base by gathering game developers feedback, evaluating their technical needs, and communicating these to other teams.
#2: Reimagine some of the largest game IPs in the world for web. You'll be advising and consulting some of the biggest game development studios in the world around the creation of their html5 productions for web. You will work closely together with the team to maximise the potential impact of the reimagination.
#3: Be a web tech evangelist. Grow the understanding of the usage of game tech and cross device compatibility of games on all devices. You will do so by hosting internal and external knowledge sessions, writing blog posts on and connecting with the community. Also, you’ll instigate conversations with representatives from game engines, browsers and game jams.
#4: Grow the team and support the community. You’ll be working side by side with your Developer Support manager & Quality assurance colleagues to ensure that games go live on the platform without any errors. Together with the Developer Operations Lead you’ll be looking at ways to further grow the team and support our developer community in the best way possible.