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PostEra is building a modern 21st-century biopharma. We're using our advances in machine learning to accelerate Medicinal Chemistry and bring more cures to patients. PostEra advances small molecule programs through partnerships with biopharma while also advancing its own internal pipeline. We've raised $26M from top investors and closed $1Bn in AI partnerships, signing multi-year agreements with Amgen, Pfizer, and the NIH. PostEra also launched and led the world's largest open-science drug discovery effort; COVID Moonshot.

At PostEra we embrace a low-hierarchy structure to foster efficient operations:
·       We believe time spent navigating complex hierarchies in organizations is better invested in the pursuit of groundbreaking technology and scientific discoveries.  
·       Our organizational structure is intentionally minimalist, and we encourage mentoring, collaboration, and participation in conferences and continuing education, to support our team members' growth. 
·       We promote a culture where individual achievement is celebrated through proportional compensation and internal recognition, including meaningful promotions. 
·       Ultimately, our collective focus is delivering cures to patients which we believe needs a huge amount of cross-disciplinary collaboration, so we've fitted our organizational structure to serve that end.

About the role

    • We're looking for an experienced medicinal chemist with a passion for solving complex design and synthesis problems in small molecule drug discovery, who is also excited about applying machine learning tools to accelerate compound design and synthesis.
    • Contribute to and lead drug discovery project teams from hit ID through drug candidate nomination.
    • Manage a team of CRO synthetic chemists.
    • Work closely with machine learning scientists and software engineers to advance our computational platforms.
    • Be willing to travel up to 10% annually.

Desired skills and experience

    • PhD in organic or medicinal chemistry with at least 5 years medicinal chemistry industry experience; or corresponding B.Sc. or M.Sc. with at least 10 years industry experience.
    • A track record of creative problem solving, leading to impactful contributions on drug discovery projects.
    • Experience applying computational tools for singleton and library design.
    • Experience interpreting and applying in vitro and in vivo biology, ADME/PK, and safety data to advance medicinal chemistry programs.
    • Adept at navigating and influencing a multi-disciplinary matrix environment.
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, oral and written.
    • Past experience in the lab doing synthetic chemistry, ideally as applied to drug discovery.
    • Experience working with CRO partners.


    • Experience leading multi-disciplinary drug discovery project teams.
    • Experience with programming and Unix. Most importantly, we seek applicants who desire to improve their computational skills and combine them with an in depth knowledge of chemistry.
Salary: 175k-225k
Equity: 0.1% - 0.2%
Visa Sponsorship: Not at this time
Hiring Manager: Emily Hanan

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