Storyboard Revisionist

Los Angeles, CA /
Storyboards – B-SB /
Powerhouse has been trusted with some of the world’s most important brands: Castlevania, Masters of the Universe, Mickey Mouse, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics characters (to name a few). We are also well known for our work in video games and advertising. Having worked with brands like Old Spice, Devolver Digital, New Balance, Airship Syndicate, Coca Cola, Activision, Riot Games, and AMC, Powerhouse Animation offers a wide variety of creative services.

From pre-production tasks like character design and concept design to storyboards and animatics to final turn-key production of traditional animation, motion comics, and commercial animation, we are trusted to turn an idea into animated reality. As a service animation studio, we have worked in almost every style of traditional animation from gritty anime to feature animation to web-based cartoon animation.

We are at a fever pitch for animation and we are looking for the best talent to come and join our team. 

Powerhouse Animation Los Angeles is seeking a Storyboard Revisionist to work on a dramatic, high action, adult animated series. This is a high quality and complex TV series looking for premium quality in both visual style and storytelling.

The Storyboard Revisionist will work directly with our Supervising Director, Episodic Director(s) and Editorial, to ensure we are able to lock our animatics to time, on schedule and on budget. Having a strong sense of acting, perspective and the ability to function working with StoryboardPro in a fast paced environment are a must.


    • Revise storyboards according to feedback and to address any creative or technical issues, including but not limited to addressing acting, expressions, hookups, extra poses, fleshing out a sequence, ensuring that characters and designs are on model and to proper proportions, and adding screen direction or other details for clarity.
    • Is prepared for all formal and informal creative reviews.
    • Aware of storyboard episode parameters such as shot count, character count, crowd count and deadlines.
    • Keeps open communication with Episodic Director, Supervising Director, and key production staff.

Skills & Software Experience

    • Ability to align with style and sensibility of show
    • Extremely strong with conveying action and emotion in the storyboards
    • Understanding of basic human anatomy and body movement
    • Understanding of strong staging and composition skills
    • Strong drafting skills are preferred
    • Able to communicate technical & creative ideas with full production team
    • Implementing director notes & storytelling objectives
    • Strong cinematic sense
    • Ability to organize, multi-task, and prioritize in a fast-paced environment
    • Must be able to maintain a positive, upbeat and professional attitude
    • Ability to function as a team player and collaborate with others to achieve daily production goals
    • Demonstrates ability to be proactive and anticipate potential problems before they occur and follows through on every task assigned
    • Efficient in Storyboard Pro, Photoshop & ability to work with Blender files