Series Storyboard Artist

Austin, Texas /
Storyboards – C-SB /
Powerhouse has been trusted with some of the world’s most important brands: Castlevania, Masters of the Universe, Mickey Mouse, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics characters (to name a few). We are also well known for our work in video games and advertising. Having worked with brands like Old Spice, Devolver Digital, New Balance, Airship Syndicate, Coca Cola, Activision, Riot Games, and AMC, Powerhouse Animation offers a wide variety of creative services.

From pre-production tasks like character design and concept design to storyboards and animatics to final turn-key production of traditional animation, motion comics, and commercial animation, we are trusted to turn an idea into animated reality. As a service animation studio, we have worked in almost every style of traditional animation from gritty anime to feature animation to web-based cartoon animation.

We are at a fever pitch for animation and we are looking for the best talent to come and join our team. 

Powerhouse Animation is looking for talented storyboard artists to work on upcoming animated series like Netflix's Castlevania and Blood of Zeus. This series will be high-action with complex fight choreography that requires artists to have skillful draftsmanship, a strong sense of shot direction, and the ability to thrive in a deadline-driven work environment.

In this role, you will work closely with directors and supervisors to transform scripts into epic animatic sequences that convey drama, action, and occasionally comedy.


    • Must showcase an understanding of anatomy, perspective, and composition
    • Must understand film theory, especially as it applies to anime-influence works
    • Must demonstrate organizational skills and file management


    • Professional experience working in Storyboard Pro
    • Cursory knowledge of 3D software, in particular Cinema 4D
    • Traditional animation experience, especially regarding sakuga-level fight sequences