Sexual Health Education Intern

Little Rock, AR
Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP) seeks a Sexual Health Education Intern to assist with the development and implementation of sexual health education programs for students, parents, and community groups in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas.
The Education Intern will be responsible for assisting with educational programs and related activities designed to provide community members with comprehensive, medical accurate, sex positive, developmentally appropriate, sexuality education 

Hours: 9-15 hours per week. Flexible schedule.
Compensation: Unpaid


    • Assist educator with sex education programs in schools and other community organizations tailored to meet the needs of each audience.
    • Prepare educational materials for sexual health education programs in the community.
    • Act as a resource, providing assistance to lead educators in seeking information related to sexuality and sexual health.
    • Assist in tracking and entering data.
    • Tailor program content and delivery to the objectives of the organizations and needs of program participants.
    • Attend PPGP staff meetings as specified by department heads.
    • Research and follow sexual health and related social media sites, assisting educators with posting content to social media properties.
    • Attend tabling meetings and assist with outreach and tabling events.
    • Gathering materials, assigning volunteers and representing PPGP at community events.
    • Perform other administrative duties as assigned by supervisor.


    • Experience or training in the area of reproductive health, human sexuality, and adolescent development preferred.
    • Ability to communicate non-judgmentally, sensitively and accurately about matters related to sexuality, reproductive health issues, values formation, and decision making to young people and adults.
    • Experience speaking in public.
    • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
    • Experience utilizing social media platforms. 
    • Currently enrolled in school or recently graduated.

Skills Gained

    • Public speaking and presentation skills
    • Utilization of social media platforms for promotion and education
    • Presentation planning and preparation
    • Presenting to diverse audiences and tailoring presentations  
    • Ability to address difficult topics in sensitive and non-judgmental ways
    • Classroom teaching techniques and management
Only those candidates including a resume will be considered for this position.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains has been a leading provider of sexual and reproductive health care for nearly 85 years, serving women, men, and families in communities across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Each year, we provide care to nearly 30,000 people in our 11 health centers and reach nearly 5,500 people through our comprehensive sex education programming. We believe that every person deserves to have access to the resources and information they need in order to make decisions about their own health.

PPGP is working to expand and revitalize its health center footprint in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma regions, and reinvigorate its education, outreach, and advocacy initiatives to educate a new generation of reproductive health and rights supporters and to promote greater access to affordable contraception, preventive treatment, safe abortion, and other critical reproductive health services.
As an affiliate of, and accredited by, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), PPGP operates 11 high-quality health centers throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, with a centralized call center and online appointment scheduling. PPGP serves people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. PPGP currently provides reproductive health services in Little Rock AR; Wichita, KS; Columbia, MO; the Kansas City metro area; and Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK. The medical staff includes board certified OB/GYN and family medicine physicians, as well as nurse practitioners. PPGP’s nurse practitioners collaborate with physicians to provide sexual and reproductive health care, perform examinations, and diagnose and treat infections. PPGP accepts Medicaid and private insurance in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Our health centers provided comprehensive reproductive health services to nearly 30,000 patients.
PPGP provides comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality education to more than 5,500 participants each year across our four states. Our education programs promote responsible behavior and honest communication with peers, parents and adults. Teens are given information about how to deal with social pressure and are given medically accurate information about contraception. Programs offer a variety of interactive sexuality education presentations to schools, churches, and community groups on a broad range of topics.
PPGP is a leading advocate for the sexual and reproductive rights of women and men in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, working tirelessly to block legislation that restricts access to sex education, contraception, and abortion. To conduct more in-depth advocacy efforts, PPGP created Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes (PPGPV), a sister corporation of PPGP organized under IRS Section 501(c)4. This classification allows PPGPV to engage in political activities and make additional lobbying expenditures that would not be allowed under PPGP’s 501(c)3 tax status. PPGPV maintains professional lobbying programs in Little Rock, Topeka, Jefferson City, and Oklahoma City; monitors federal, state and local legislation and analyzes its effects on PPGP and our patients; informs supporters about proposed legislation and encourages contact with their legislators; and recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work in a variety of advocacy roles.