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Addison, TX
Operations/Health Services – Health Services
Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas offers comprehensive reproductive healthcare services. We are here to educate and care for healthy communities.   We believe the needs of our community are greater than they’ve ever been. And that drives us to work harder, aim higher, and expect more from one another. Here, you'll be empowered to make an immediate impact for our organization and clients.

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Position Title: Health Center Manager
Location: Addison, TX
Reports To: Health Services Regional Director
Supervises: Health Center team members such as Health Center Assistants, Flow Facilitators, and Assistant Health Center Manager.
Employment Status: Full-time, Exempt
Grade: E-4


    • The Health Center Manager (HCM) oversees the daily operation of a health center for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas (PPGT). The primary duties of the Health Center Manager are to establish an effective managerial relationship with all health center team members, ensure efficient, high-quality medical services are provided in accordance with the organization’s protocols, ensures administrative policies and procedures are adhered to, and to provide effective feedback to management and team members to assure that the health center runs effectively and efficiently.  Ensures delivery of high-quality reproductive healthcare and family planning services for women and men.  Ensures productivity expectations, customer service and compliance standards are maintained.  Abides by the organization’s mission in performing job duties.  Demonstrates an understanding of and commitment to quality healthcare and excellent customer service.

Essential Job Functions & Expectations

    • Supervises and manages day-to-day operations for assigned health center providing comprehensive reproductive healthcare services to clients.   
    • Ensures health center staff understand and comply with organization protocols including medical standards and guidelines, risk management and safety procedures, regulations regarding patient rights, HIPAA requirements, regulations regarding identification and reporting of child abuse and sexual abuse of a minor, consent, infection control protocols, CLIA, billing and coding practices and applicable OSHA safety standards.
    • Ensures that PPGT policies and procedures are met, including educating and counseling patients in reproductive health matters; performing routine lab tests; utilizing electronic practice management (EPM/HER) system to schedule appointments, register patients, and accurately post charges for services.
    • Follows all statutory, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and organization guidelines.
    • Practices a customer-oriented approach to healthcare delivery as demonstrated by interactions showing respect, knowledge, responsibility, compassion and sensitivity, cultural competence and access to care.
    • Monitors health center flow and diminishes bottlenecks, monitors client volume, capacity and productivity of health center. 
    • Accepts individual and joint responsibility for, and the efforts to achieve health center annual goals regarding number of patients served, patient waiting time, appointment show rate, accuracy in the execution and recording of patient payments, customer satisfaction etc.
    • Works with health center staff in maintaining an attractive and efficiently run health center.
    • Manages and prepares staffing schedule and clinic rotations to operate Health Center efficiently and within budget.
    • Strategizes with management on ways to increase patient volume and capacity. 
    • Provides periodic reports to the regional manager, such as data on patient volume, revenue, expenses and staffing.
    • Reviews charts of minor clients on a daily basis to ensure that mandatory reporting of abuse is done within required timeframe by health center staff; may delegate as appropriate.
    • Manages cash handling activities for health center and enforces cash handling adherence to policy with all team members.
    • Demonstrates proficiency in all health center job responsibilities including health center assistant, flow facilitator, assistant health center manager; provides direct care as needed in support of efficient health center operations. 
    • Ensures that all health center staff inform clients in a non-directive manner about all options available to them in the event of an unplanned pregnancy and make a referral for service based on the patient’s needs.
    • May supervise health center providing abortion services.
    • For patients seeking abortion, ensures staff provides factual, non-biased information and describes the difference between medication and surgical abortion.
    • Complies with all applicable laws governing abortion services. 
    • Provides direct feedback to team members to enhance quality, accuracy, and client satisfaction with the services clients receive; coaches team members on ways to improve customer service.
    • Reports team member concerns and ideas to management.
    • Manages upkeep of facility in conjunction with administration team.
    • Maintains a work environment free of unlawful harassment and discrimination.
    • Maintains patient confidentiality using appropriate guidelines to release information.
    • Ensures compliance with organization’s quality assurance/risk management standards and guidelines; participates in regular audits and quality meetings.
    • Ensures team members are trained for medical and other emergencies (such as intruders, etc.).
    • Ensures that all health center staff explain all FDA approved birth control methods, including specific instructions on the patient’s selected birth control method.
    • Supervises distribution of contraceptives and non-contraceptive supplies. 
    • Participates in ongoing training for professional growth.
    • Continually solicits new information and knowledge to remain well-informed on subject areas relating to the provision of health center services.
    • Acts as a resource, responding to patient needs and making referrals as appropriate.
    • Maintains an appropriate supply of inventoried items including medications and supplies.
    • Fosters a positive communication environment including eliciting creativity, staff ideas, concerns, and suggestions.
    • Serves as the primary liaison between the Health Center staff and administration. 
    • Continually seeks to improve the work environment, processes, and staff relations.
    • Maintain positive employee relations including proactively addressing potential employee concerns/problems and appropriately respond and document performance concerns and actions when necessary. 
    • Responsible for resolution of problems arising from staff-related issues and handling patient complaints.
    • Authorizes and coordinates all work hours, leave requests, time sheets, and expense reports accurately and timely.
    • Promptly alerts human resources of potentially serious issues or situations as they occur to minimize inappropriate, disruptive or unlawful behavior. 
    • Analyzes and adapts to new or changing situations while exhibiting effective leadership skills.
    • Ability to influence and secure cooperation from others, and works collaboratively toward “win-win” solutions.
    • Participates in a team approach to patient care, being cognizant of and responsive to the needs of patients and all health center team members.
    • Effectively leads staff including clear communication and training of affiliate directives, priorities, or strategic health center changes.
    • Plans and conducts regular staff meetings to facilitate team building, communication, problem solving, and obtain staff input/feedback.
    • Routinely communicates information to team members regarding administrative operations.
    • Lead, motivate, coach and perform on the job training for health center team members.  Coaches and develops health center team members in change process and building service-oriented teams.
    • Provides key leadership in health center operations; including selection, hiring, training, and evaluation of staff.
    • Develops an effective leadership style with team members.
    • Provides timely feedback and performance evaluation reviews with staff.
    • Ensures all required training is completed for direct reports and has overall accountability for staff within area of responsibility.
    • Identifies and encourages growth and development of health center staff.
    • Conducts or attends health center staff meetings.
    • Prepares and analyzes reports on health center operations as needed.
    • Ensure processes are in place and being followed for excellent clinical quality, and patient and staff safety, including successful completion, and remediation of audits including: Clinical quality audits, DSHS Site Reviews and PPFA Accreditation Standards
    • In collaboration with the training department, ensures that ongoing training and development programs are available to staff within area of responsibility.
    • Articulates the vision specific to health services by empowering team members to see their role in the vision.
    • Represents the organization at meetings, community events, conferences, as appropriate.
    • Has unrestricted access to client protected health information (PHI) on paper and electronic forms for purposes of treatment, payment, and/or healthcare operations.  The use of a client’s protected health information should be limited to information needed for the specific task that is being performed or requested by the individual client.  Disclosure of any client information must be for purposes of treatment, payment or healthcare operation OR must be accompanied by a valid authorization.
    • As a member of management, ensures achievement of agency goals, vision and mission. 
    • Other related duties as assigned.
    • Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.

Minimum Education

    •  Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, business administration or related area or equivalent experience.

Minimum Experience

    • 4 years of management experience in healthcare, business, or managed care environment desired.

Agency Standards

    • Must have excellent computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Internet. Must have the willingness and ability to adapt to change including advances or new technology. Must have excellent

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    • Must be able to work other shifts including evenings and weekends.
    • Must be able to travel within and outside organization region as job dictates.
    • Fluency in Spanish/English desired (if a job requirement, it is documented in your employee records and periodic assessments of fluency will be performed).
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task.
    • Ability to adapt to diverse operation hours, needs and clientele of all affiliate health centers.
    • Ability to exercise initiative, sound judgment, and problem-solving techniques in the decision-making process.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills with patients and staff in all areas, including administrative, clinical, and non-clinical center staff.
    • Must be pleasant, courteous and helpful.
    • Requires an understanding of and commitment to quality healthcare and excellent customer service.
    • Demonstrates cultural and linguistic competence.
    • Ability to work effectively as a team member.
    • Effective leadership capabilities; able to mentor and coach team in area of responsibility and the achievement of organization goals.
    • Ability to think strategically and achieve organization’s goals relating to position.
    • Ability to operationalize strategic goals into action plans.
    • Ability to provide oversight of compliance and regulatory requirements pertaining to position.
    • Possess effective analytical skills.
    • Ability to manage intense stress with multiple competing priorities while maintaining a positive attitude and affect.
    • Ability to find humor in day-to-day challenges while being focused on solutions.
    • Ability to manage details, handle a variety of tasks simultaneously and work under pressure.
    • Ability to effectively use organization’s computer systems.
    • Be discrete and safe guard confidential information.
    • Possess integrity and compliance – can be relied upon to act ethically.
    • Ability to lead, manage, direct, and motivate diverse groups of people and possess the skills to delegate and supervise subordinates.
    • Affiliate Knowledge:   Understands the mission and structure of the affiliate and exhibits agency’s core values. 
    • Organizational Awareness: Demonstrates a comprehensive awareness of the impact and implications of decisions and actions on other areas (departments or clinics) within the agency.
    • Organizational Commitment: Demonstrates an ability and willingness to align one’s own behavior with the needs, priorities and goals of the agency.
    • Straightforwardness: Communicates with those who have a need to know information rather than speaking behind someone’s back. Expresses ideas and opinions which take into account the best interest of them, others and the affiliate. Resolves disagreements and conflict by truthfully and respectfully expressing impact of others’ actions or words upon them. Actively listens to the ideas and opinions of others.
    • Initiative: Evaluates, selects, and acts on various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives before being asked or required to do so; self-starting rather than passively complying with instructions or work orders.
    • Achievement Orientation: Demonstrates desire to set and meet challenging objectives, to find a better or more efficient way to do things, and to compete against a self-defined standard of excellence.
    • Quality Service: Looks for ways to continuously improve service provided to clients, co-workers, donors, volunteers and the community.
    • Attention to Detail: Demonstrates thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small.
    • Planning/Organizing: Establishes a systematic course of action for self or others to assure accomplishments of a specific objective. Determines priorities and allocates time and resources effectively.
    • Work Management:  Effectively manages time as a resource; establishes realistic priorities; schedules own time and activities effectively; gives balanced focus and attention to appropriate long- and short-term priorities.  Develops action plans and budgets; leverages technology; anticipates obstacles; establishes check points and monitors progress.
    • Recovery Skills:   Responds effectively and acknowledges responsibilities when clients (internal or external) experience problems or mistakes; rectifies the situation to restore client satisfaction; seeks information and collaborates with others to take action to implement permanent fixes. Maintains stable performance and emotions when faced with opposition, pressure, and or stressful conditions.
    • Customer Service Orientation: Demonstrates concern for meeting internal and external client needs in a manner that exceeds clients’ expectations. Identifies additional needs of the client beyond their current need. Understands and finds solutions within the parameters of what is available. Gains trust and support of peers.
    • Interpersonal Sensitivity: Acts in a way that indicates understanding and accurate interpretation of others’ concerns, feelings, strengths and limitations. Uses interpersonal understanding to shape one’s own response.
    • Building Relationships: Shows genuine interest in others’ needs and opinions; establishes rapport; earns the confidence and trust of others; demonstrates consistency between words and actions; delivers on commitments.
    • Communication:   Speaks and presents effectively in individual or group situations, including appropriate nonverbal communication.  Expresses ideas in a clear, thorough and concise manner.  Actively listens to what others say.  Writes using good grammatical form and appropriate style.  Expresses ideas in a clear, thorough and concise manner.
    • Teamwork: Able to develop cooperation and work collaboratively toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties.
    • Process Improvement:  Understands core work processes; identifies process opportunities and issues; seeks information to understand the gap between current and desired performance; works effectively with others to identify and implement improvements; continuously works to improve returns for the client and the organization.
    • Analytical Thinking: Breaks down complex problems or tasks, generating detailed action plans. Reviews and evaluates own knowledge and experience as a means of thinking of multiple causes and consequences of events.
    • Problem Solving:  Gathers and analyzes information from a variety of sources to identify issues and develop strategies for accomplishing goals; breaks a problem or issue into manageable, actionable parts; identifies important relationships and root causes; anticipates issues, obstacles or opportunities that may impacts plans or action.
    • Technical Competence: Remains informed of current developments in the relevant professional area and incorporates new knowledge into job duties; serves as a resource person in area of expertise; applies specialized knowledge and skill to handle the job; uses and applies appropriate technology; actively pursues new professional knowledge in area of expertise.
    • Procedural Competence: Applies, maintains & improves extensive specialized knowledge or skills to accomplish a result.
    • Developing Others: Strives to improve the skills of direct reports or others by providing clear, behaviorally specific feedback, effective coaching and monitoring, and development experiences and opportunities.
    • Directing Others: Develops and uses effective strategies and interpersonal styles and the power of one’s position to set expectations for others, enforce rules, confront others about problems and tell others what they must do toward the accomplishment of identified objectives and goals.
    • Judgment: Demonstrates the ability to make decisions authoritatively and wisely, after adequately contemplating various available courses of action.
    • Advocacy: Supports others and actively contributes to Planned Parenthood’s success; celebrates others’ successes; collaborates across functions and departments to meet internal and external client needs.
    • Adaptability or Flexibility:  Responds with flexibility to shifting priorities and changing work situations; recovers quickly from problems and setbacks; develops new skills to remain competitive. Adapts easily to change, sees the merits of differing positions, and adapts own positions and strategies in response to new information or changes to a situation. Integrity: Builds trust and matches actions and words.
    • Coping with Demands of the Position: Uses effective problem solving while working under stress, high volume of work demands and/or time demands; regularly meets deadlines.
    • Celebrates and exemplifies the core values of our organization:  Respect; Honesty, Integrity & Straightforwardness; Advocacy for the Poor; Quality Service; and Creativity within the context of Best Practices.


    • Diversity creates a healthier environment: equal opportunity employer. We strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination of any kind, including discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, citizenship, physical or mental disability, age, past, present or prospective military service, HIV status, family medical history or genetic information, socio-economic circumstances, language spoken, or any other characteristics protected by law (“Protected Characteristics”). We maintain a drug-free workplace. Should be pleasant, neat, and well-groomed in representing the agency to the general public.

Essential Physical Requirements/Working Conditions

    • Must be able to bend, stoop, kneel, crouch, reach, and grasp.  Must be able to stand, particularly for sustained periods of time.  Must be able to move about on foot to accomplish tasks, such as moving from one work site to another. Must be able to push/pull.   Must be able to work primarily with fingers such as picking, pinching, or typing.  Must be able to perceive attributes of objects such as size, shape, temperature or texture by touching with skin, particularly that of fingertips.  Must be able to talk such as convey detailed or important spoken instructions to other workers accurately.  Must be able to hear such as the ability to receive detailed communication orally.  Must be able to communicate effectively. Will have substantial movements of the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.  Subject to hazards including a variety of physical conditions such as proximity to moving mechanical parts, moving vehicles, electrical current, or exposure to infectious diseases. Must be able to lift and/or exert up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently.  Must be able to have close visual acuity to perform an activity such as: preparing and analyzing data and figures; transcribing; viewing a computer terminal; extensive reading; visual inspection involving small defects, small parts, and/or operation of machines (including inspection); using measurement devices; and/or assembly or fabrication parts at distances close to the eyes.  Health Center environment.