Health Care Specialist -Part time 22.5 Hours Weekly - Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo, MI
Part Time
Job Summary: Under direct supervision, uses basic knowledge and skills obtained through on-the-job training to provide patient centered medical services and education in support of the Planned Parenthood of Michigan (PPMI) “Care, no matter what…” mission. Gathers patient information, identifies concerns, and provides information to other medical professionals in order to provide services and meet patient needs. Provides test results and information related to abortion service, essure, vasectomies, and other services, to patients in an objective, medically factual, and compassionate manner. Assist in providing quality healthcare and basic education to PPMI’s patients by handling the reception area, telephones, cashiering, back office, and lab services for the clinic. 

Must be experienced in medical assisting and experience in a hospital or clinical setting.
Surgical assisting experience preferred.


    • Responsible for reviewing basic history and patient chart for completeness
    • Obtaining and evaluating diagnostic testing such as: finger poke, basic vital signs, urine pregnancy testing,  and blood drawing
    • Based on needs of agency and skill level, provide vaginal and abdominal ultrasounds
    • Assessing for and bringing unusual history and/or diagnostic testing findings to the physicians’ attention
    • Provide procedure education, potential risk education, potential complication education, cervical preparation education, pain management options, birth control options, STI education, and aftercare instructions to patient regarding planned procedure(s) such as medication abortion/abortion pill, surgical abortion, vasectomy, LEEP, and/or colposcopy
    • Obtain informed consent for procedure(s), training program, and research that patient plans to receive
    • Utilize active listening and empathy skills to assess patient’s preparedness for procedure
    • Ensure compliance with all Michigan laws related to abortion care and regulatory agencies such as CLIA and OSHA
    • Participate in facilitation of judicial bypass procedures for minor patients
    • Ensure compliance with all PPMI protocols and procedures
    • Responsible for understanding and performing specified role in emergency situations related to surgical patients
    • Responsible for preparing O.R. for use and set up of all O.R. work stations and final breakdown and cleaning
    • Responsible for procedure set-up, procedure assistance, and transfer of patient to recovery room
    • Understand fee scales for all services, grant funding options, insurance options and manage patient payment expectations
    • Assess client finances, which may include requests for verifying insurance, health plan authorization, collect fees per PPMI guidelines, and complete appropriate forms. Remain current on billing procedures and policies.
    • Participates actively and strives towards achieving productivity goals.
    • Understand appropriate medical record documentation and CPT and ICD-10 coding as part of the clinical revenue cycle.
    • Responsible for labeling and packaging any lab specimens and their storage
    • Cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization of the operating room
    • Responsible for cleaning, wrapping and sterilizing instruments.
    • Responsible for laundering of re-usable supplies: scrub suits, pack wraps etc
    • Provide resources to appropriate sources inside or outside of PPMI


    • High school diploma or GED required.  Must possess excellent customer service, communication and organizational skills.  Preferably one year of office experience in customer service with knowledge of medical terminology and procedures.
    • Must have medical assisting experience.
    • Surgical assistant experience preferred.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a diverse workplace.