Compliance Officer

CrossCard – CrossCard
Full Time
Crosscard is not just another FinTech startup. We are an e-money institution with a license by the Luxembourg banking authority CSSF and member of Mastercard with offices in Luxembourg and Munich. With our consumer brand VIABUY, we help people manage their everyday payments without the need for a bank - and no matter if good, or bad, or no credit history at all. In the last three years we have built a significant B2B business, too. All this we created under the hat of PPRO, the go-to hub for local payment methods funded by HPE, Paypal and Citi.

Building upon the running business and years of experience, we are now becoming independent to follow our new mission – to simplify and automate corporate spending and build no less than the future of company expenses and cash management. Capturing the momentum, we strive to become even more customer-centric, an environmentally friendly company and a must go-to-employer. Our international team is growing rapidly, all united in a dynamic culture with a common purpose: to deliver maximum value and the best experience for our customers.

Our international team is growing rapidly, all united in a dynamic culture with a common purpose: to deliver maximum value and the best experience for our customers.

Job Description
As Compliance Officer you will lead the company’s compliance function and enable it to carry out its responsibilities in an adequate and permanent manner. You will report to senior management and to the board of directors. You will work with stakeholders across the business and be a principal contact to the CSSF and other supervisory agencies.

You and your team will be responsible for the Compliance function including developing policies and procedures, carrying out the necessary compliance risk assessments, monitoring the compliance policies, centralising information on compliance issues, actively following up on the remediation of these issues, providing assistance and advice to senior management, providing training to staff and other stakeholders on compliance aspects, communicating with authorities, maintaining documentation and providing internal reporting. You will help foster a compliance culture, collaborative environment and a solution-oriented approach to dealing with compliance issues as they arise. 

Your Main Responsibilities

    • Implementing the company’s compliance charter and policy and drafting, updating and reviewing policies and procedures
    • Identifying and assessing the compliance risk of the company and identifying and updating the rules in force for the company
    • Monitoring all aspects of the compliance function and managing issues, interventions and results in the Compliance function 
    • Overseeing the proper running of the company’s AML CFT program and centralising information on compliance issues
    • Providing reporting, assistance and advice to senior management and the board of directors on compliance matters
    • Providing awareness and training of staff and other stakeholders and building a compliance culture

Your Qualifications

    • At leat three years of experience leading a compliance function in Luxembourg
    • Excellent knowledge of e-money and payment institution business models
    • Approved individual by a financial regulatory body
    • Experience with the CSSF and/or other national competent authorities
    • Results oriented ability to work through to a conclusion in a highly competitive environment
    • Skills managing teams, complex projects and across multiple geographies
    • Fluent English; French and/or German also useful
    • Being a member of ALCO is a plus