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Plateforme e-commerce leader en Europe et en Amérique latine, PrestaShop permet à chacun de créer sa boutique en ligne et de la développer afin de poursuivre son ambition.
Fondée sur un modèle open source, PrestaShop permet à n’importe quel marchand d’opérer son projet e-commerce partout dans le monde, en bénéficiant d’une solution entièrement personnalisable et adaptable à chaque marché, une solution qui a déjà permis à l’ensemble de nos boutiques de générer en 2019 plus de 17 milliards d’euros de ventes.
Aujourd’hui, toutes les 4 minutes, une boutique PrestaShop se crée dans le monde et chacune de ces boutiques raconte une histoire.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Help make PrestaShop the best solution for creating an e-commerce site.

For that, as a member of the core development team, and surrounded by senior developers, you will work side by side with our product and QA teams... as well as hundreds of external contributors.

As a maintainer of a platform used by hundreds of thousands of merchants and developers around the world, you will be proud of the high-quality code you will produce, meaning that it’s readable, maintainable, tested, and documented. Your technical choices will impact thousands of people directly, and millions indirectly.

Since PrestaShop is an open-source project, as an active community member, you will also:

- Develop high-quality, robust and extensible features, tailored for users and developers as well;
- Be regarded as an expert, inside and outside the company;
- Review code submitted by your colleagues and project contributors;
- Know how to give advice, criticize constructively... and handle criticism professionally;
- Participate in many discussions, be it on GitHub or public Slack.
- Fix bugs reported by the community – without introducing new ones!

PrestaShop must also keep its technical leadership. Developers spend time training and sharing their new knowledge with their colleagues (inside and outside the company) so that they can progress as well.

Technical Stack

    • PrestaShop is on GitHub:
    • Hosting and servers: All major shared hosting environments (OVH, Godaddy, ...)Google Cloud Platform Apache / Nginx Docker
    • Backend side: PHP 7.2 MySQL 5+Symfony 4.4;
    • Frontend side:HTML (Smarty and Twig) / CSS (SASS)Vanilla Javascript (ES6 transpired with Babel)Vue.js jQuery Bootstrap Webpack
    • Tests and quality: PhpUnit (for unit tests) Behat (for integration tests)Mocha / Playwritght (for UI tests) Eslint / Php-cs-fixer / Phpstan GitHub Actions
    • There are many side projects where all technologies are welcome: we have Vue, Node.js, Python, Shell script... and if you need to contribute to upstream in Golang, go ahead!

Your Profil

    • You think before you start writing code
    • You enjoy coding and people recognize you as a good developer
    • You know how to use Git: you can rebase and resolve merge conflicts without any trouble
    • You are a team player, but you aren’t afraid of speaking up to defend your point of view
    • You are comfortable writing *and* speaking in English (you will be demoing your work live on Youtube)
    • You speak French (not mandatory)

What we can bring you:

    • An exceptional opportunity in a technophile, quality-oriented, stimulating environment;
    • High-impact on your work, affecting millions of people worldwide
    • A new technical challenge waiting for you every day, constant knowledge sharing and training;
    • A technical vision oriented towards quality and continuous improvement, supported by top management;
    • Visibility in the open-source world and in technical conferences & meetups;
    • Work from home or in our Paris HQ (with an amazing rooftop overlooking the city)
    • Regular company-funded team get-togethers
    • Some always-appreciable advantages at our Paris HQ: breakfasts (fruit and pastries), free coffee & tea, foosball, frequent team building activities...
    • An amazing and healthy atmosphere (including seasonal parties at our HQ!) with a start-up spirit #BestTeamEver

Rejoindre la PrestaCrew, c’est rejoindre une équipe composée de profils, d’expériences, et de nationalités très variées. L’engagement envers la communauté PrestaShop, l’audace et l’inclusivité font partie des valeurs que nous portons et défendons au quotidien.

Travailler chez PrestaShop, c'est façonner le e-commerce de demain !