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Senior Digital Media Planner / Digital Media Planner

Priorities USA is looking to hire a Senior Digital Media Planner or Digital Media Planner (title dependent on experience) join our in-house paid media team, to develop media plans for persuasion and mobilization campaigns, focused -- but not exclusively -- on the 2020 presidential election. In 2018, we ran the largest digital advertising campaign on the Democratic side, and helped other organizations invest more and invest smarter in digital persuasion and mobilization. This cycle, we are doubling down on our commitment to digital media by building out our in-house team. 
The right person for this role should:

Have 2-5 years of experience in digital media planning, preferably within the political space either on a campaign, at a political organization, or at an agency or vendor. It’s a bonus if you have experience working in self-serve platforms like AdWords, Facebook Business Manager, and other ad tech products.

Have at least one cycle of campaign political experience. You know the difference between persuasion, mobilization, and direct response. Ideally, you’ve worked with polling, research and political data teams before.

Enjoy managing people. Previous management experience is desired. It is important to us to foster an environment on this team that is conducive to productivity and growth -- both on your part and on the part of folks you manage. We believe that good management is a separate skill from good media buying, and that both are important to doing this job well. 

Be willing -- and excited! -- to try new things (and fail), learn quickly from successes and mistakes, and adapt to new and changing information, in both the digital media and electoral landscapes. Growth happens *quickly* here. We’re looking for someone ready to hit the ground running (with lots of support!) on day one, who is eager to ask questions, learn our processes, and always be thinking about how to make them better. You will be successful if you thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Care about the work of electing Democrats up and down the ticket. We want to be upfront: Working in electoral politics can be hard! In order to hack it, you'll need to be deeply invested in both the outcome (hello, getting Trump out of office!), and how we get there: working with a dynamic and diverse team, elevating marginalized voices, speaking to communities that are sometimes left behind by Democratic paid media programs.

Detail-oriented & well organized. To run a great digital ads program we need to keep track of many moving pieces at once. We are also looking for someone with strong organizational skills and an eye for detail -- that means you, to-do list makers and color coders.

Love a good spreadsheet. Excel and Google Sheets experts welcome! Ideally, you know how to create formulas and pivot tables (but don’t worry about things like macros or queries).

In this role you will:

Build out complex digital media plans that marry smart media knowledge with political goals. You’ll work with our self-serve ad buyers and ad ops/reporting experts to craft media plans (with input from the Sr. Media Planner) for targeted digital ad campaigns that meet the strategic imperatives laid out in each race/state. These plans will be integrated with other paid media, such as TV, when relevant. 

Communicate with non-digital experts about digital campaigns. Your job will involve translating information from disparate sources -- polling, audience cross-tabs, vendor avails, experiment designs, creative briefs, reports from live campaigns and so much more -- into a media plan, and then “pitching” that plan to team leadership to explain how you’ve accounted for all of these, sometimes competing, interests.

Facilitate relationships with ad vendors and consultants. You’ll vet vendors to make sure we are working with the right companies and accessing the right inventory to reach our audiences at the right price -- with the fewest headaches possible! 

Help us do things by the book. You’ll help to execute internal processes for launching and reporting buys that adhere strictly to legal and compliance standards.

(Senior Media Planner only) Manage media planners. You will have 2-3 direct reports who you’ll manage & mentor on all things digital planning.
Media Planner reports to Senior Media Planner; no direct reports (possibly will manage fellows next summer). Senior Media Planner reports to Digital Media Director; 2-3 direct reports.

Compensation includes a competitive salary of $70,000 - $90,000 based on experience and a benefits package that includes health care, paid holidays and vacation. People of color, women, people with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply

About Priorities USA
Priorities USA is a voter-centric progressive advocacy organization and service center for the grassroots progressive movement. Priorities is committed to standing up to the Trump administration and its allies in order to build an economy that provides real opportunity for all families to get ahead, and to protect the fundamental, democratic ideal of equality for all Americans – regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.