Digital Media Director

Washington, DC
Paid Media – Media
Priorities USA is looking to hire a Digital Media Director to help manage media strategy and operations for our 2020 senate and presidential paid media campaigns. This person will help shape media strategy for our in-house digital media team as part of our holistic, cross-channel approach to paid media, oversee operations for our digital media programs, and lead our Senate-focused digital work.

The right person for this role should

    • Have at least 2 cycles of experience running paid media campaigns at or for a campaign or political organization. This should include experience digesting polling and audience data, ideally for both TV and digital programs. 
    • Have experience handling FEC reporting and/or reconciliation for paid media spending.
    • Know how to communicate with colleagues who work within digital advertising tools including Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads suite of tools, and other programmatic platforms.
    • Communicate clearly across an array of backgrounds and knowledge bases. You’ll need to be able to work with creatives, data scientists, media planners and buyers, compliance leads, senior staff, and partner organizations to run successful campaigns.
    • Enjoy managing a team. It is important to us to foster an environment on this team that is conducive to productivity and growth -- both on your part on the part of folks you manage.
    • Set and work toward efficient but realistic timelines, and be organized enough to adapt with new and changing information. You’ll need to manage the time and workload of your team, including learning how to prioritize, balance, and delegate different projects. You will also oversee the work of our team’s project manager.
    • Be a good teammate, and be invested in electing Democrats up and down the ticket. You'll need to be deeply invested in both the outcome (hello, getting Trump out of office!), and how we get there: working with a dynamic and diverse team, elevating marginalized voices, speaking to communities that are sometimes left behind by Democratic paid media programs.
    • Love a good spreadsheet. We spend a lot of time in Excel and Google sheets -- it’s how we craft media plans, track budgets, and deliver reports, so you must have a mastery of basic Excel / Google sheets skills, willingness to learn further, and the ability to teach those you manage.

In this role you will

    • Work with the Integrated Media Director and other members of the paid media team to develop and implement a cross-channel media strategy. Day-to-day, this involves making recommendations around spending allocations, maintaining budget trackers, and bringing insights from creative, analytics, and polling teams into our media strategy. In some cases you will act as a proxy for the Integrated Media Director in reviewing and approving budgets and media plans.
    • Implement strong inter- and intra-team communication processes, including managing the media planning team. You’ll be responsible for ensuring your team’s work is careful, efficient, and accurate, and working with them on the systems we use for collaboration within our team and with others at the organization. Although you won’t directly manage them, you may also be involved in training media fellows. 
    • Manage compliance and reconciliation reporting for all digital media campaigns. You will ensure the accuracy and completeness of the spending information, and that it is delivered in a timely manner to the right people. Getting this right is the single most important thing we do, so you must be detail-oriented and have experience with reporting for political paid media.
    • Lead digital media strategy for our Senate campaigns. You will oversee the media strategy for all our Senate campaigns, leading Senate-focused media planners in developing digital media plans. You will also work with Senate-focused creative staff and with our political team and partner organizations on this program.
Compensation includes a competitive salary of $100,000 -$115,000 based on experience and a benefits package that includes health care, paid holidays and vacation. People of color, women, people with disabilities, veterans, and people without a higher education degree are strongly encouraged to apply. If you need accommodation for disability to apply for this position, please let us know by emailing

About Priorities USA
Priorities USA is a voter-centric progressive advocacy organization and service center for the grassroots progressive movement. Priorities is committed to standing up to the Trump administration and its allies in order to build an economy that provides real opportunity for all families to get ahead, and to protect the fundamental, democratic ideal of equality for all Americans – regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

In 2018, we ran the largest digital advertising campaign on the Democratic side, and helped other organizations invest more and invest smarter in digital persuasion and mobilization. In 2019, we ran millions of dollars in mobilization ads in dozens of state and local races to promote the habit of voting. This coming year, we are doubling down on our commitment to digital media by building out our in-house team: We’re already holding Trump accountable for policies that hurt everyday Americans and we need the help of a talented and diverse team to do it.