Head of Revenue

Salt Lake City, UT /
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ProfitWell is the leader in subscription monetization and retention. We help companies, from scrappy startups to brand-name enterprises, get the most out of their subscription offerings.

ProfitWell's Head of Revenue will train, develop, scale, and set the strategy for our team of Business Development Representatives (outbound, inbound, and strategic) across multiple product lines. All business development functions will report into them, and they'll report to our CRO and sit on the company leadership team. 

What you’ll own
•  Quota for the inbound, outbound, and strategic business development teams across two product lines (which will expand to four product lines across the next 18 months)
•  All strategic vision and execution around developing and scaling opportunity identification and creation, including coordinating with CRO on hand off to inside sales
•  Building the best team in B2B SaaS through, training, recruiting/filtering talent, nurturing, managing, and promoting top talent, including your own management team as headcount grows
•  Scoping and implementing processes based on first principles and rigorous prioritization for the highest impact possible
•  Representing sales at the company level on the leadership team, actively pushing ProfitWell as a whole forward
•  Liaise and coordinate efforts with growth, content, revenue operations, and product to maintain alignment in ProfitWell's go-to-market strategy 

This might be a good fit if you
•  Have scaled a B2B business development team beyond the initial foundation. ProfitWell's base team and central tech stack is set - salesforce (CRM), outreach, hubspot (marketing), etc - and now we need to push and scale that foundation.
•  Possess strong communication skills, including the ability to be direct and transparent, even if the conversation may be difficult. At ProfitWell we believe strongly in feedback and transparency while frowning on gossip and internal politics.
•  Naturally think strategically. We value not just copying and pasting what worked previously, but evaluating the best step forward before implementing.
•  Embody grit - sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and jump in. There are always gaps, especially when you're moving quickly, so defaulting to action is your default.
•  Care deeply about your teams. Making sure we recruit and develop the best people will make or break our success.
Why our culture is unique
Working at ProfitWell will feel different than what you’re used to, because we’re creating a culture that we believe high performers want to work within and thrive. This culture has tradeoffs you should be aware of though:

•  You're open and honest. We deeply care about finding truth, giving feedback, and exploring ideas in an environment where everyone has a seat at the table and no one is inherently correct because of a title. This often leads to discussions and debates where the emphasis isn’t on decorum, which we’ve come to learn isn’t an environment where everyone thrives.
•  You believe in building stuff people actually want and need. We feel building phenomenal products is an imperative, not an aim. The tradeoff is we can come across too intense.
•  You're resourceful and like to put ideas into motion. We give the entire team full context on the business, considerable freedom, and a vast playground to take ownership. If you are not hyper conscientious and pretty resourceful, you are unlikely to thrive in this environment.
•  You like open discussion and friendly debate. We are intensely open minded and not easily offended. The tradeoff is that we risk unintentionally, easily offending others.
•  You look for the best in people. We try exceptionally hard to give people the most charitable interpretation in their views and opinions. Sometimes this means we’re just plain naive and need to be educated. We crave this education and guidance on where we’re lacking.

In this environment, you’re going to have days that are difficult, but most days will be exciting. We know we’re not for everyone and that’s ok.

You’ll love us because of these essentials

•  Competitive salary and bonus structure, plus equity in a thriving company that’s 100% employee-owned
•  Flexible hours and unlimited vacation (that you can actually take)
•  Premier medical, dental, and vision benefits
•  401(k)
•  Paid family leave
•  Training, professional and career development support - your success is our success, we invest in our employees!
•  Working with top software brands and in-the-news companies

And other fun stuff…
•  Fully-stocked break rooms with complimentary food and drinks, including cold brew coffee on-tap
•  Dog friendly office
•  In office games, meditation room, and other amenities to help you decompress at work
•  Frequent company and team outings, including kayaking, hiking, retreats, trivia, and other events for bonding, blowing off steam and "just because"

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
ProfitWell is an equal opportunity employer, and we believe diversity is critical to our success. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, color, age, religion, sex, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis covered by appropriate law. ProfitWell will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified people with documented disabilities.