Lead DevOps Engineer

San Mateo, CA
The pace of innovation in cancer treatment has accelerated dramatically in recent years, with new breakthroughs every day and over 600 cancer drugs now on the market. And yet, the technology doctors use to take advantage of these innovations hasn’t evolved in decades. In fact, most doctors still use a software system that was designed in the 1990s for billing and compliance to make life-altering decisions about care.

At Project Ronin, we’re out to change this - fast. Our mission is to dramatically improve cancer care by giving doctors and patients the tools they need to make better decisions about treatment. We’re developing a cancer intelligence platform that provides all the information physicians need, in one place, to assess patient care options and take action. We believe that this technology will allow for truly individualized care and will have an immediate impact on quality of life and survival rates.

We’re building a team of highly motivated, passionate individuals to help us pioneer this new approach to cancer care. Nearly every person will be touched by cancer at some point in their lives, so the potential for our collective impact is vast.

Will you join us?

DevOps and Infrastructure Reliability Engineering at Ronin is a discipline combining software and systems engineering skills. You will be tasked with maintaining and automating our infrastructure and being an efficiency multiplier to our broader engineering and product teams.

We take security and our users privacy extremely serious. As part of our core mission, DevOps will work closely with engineering and share the burden of delivering our uptime and quality guarantees.

The Ronin DevOps mindset is strongly aligned with key concepts around automation, infrastructure as code, continuous improvement of process and quality. We want to be proactive about outages. How do we prevent and what are the leading indicators we can identify to minimize risks?

In addition to the central tenets listed above, we are building a team committed to psychological safety through strong patterns of communication, blameless retros/postmortems and ultimately a strong sense of empathy for your coworkers, as well as our broader user base.

In this role you will:

    • Help maintain and automate our cloud infrastructure
    • Reduce operational effort and complexity through automation
    • Increase deployment cadence, feature velocity, defect rate with tooling such as CI/CD, etc.
    • Assist in making sure our platform is secure
    • Work cross functionally with stakeholders to prioritize the needs of the business

Does some or most of the below describe you? Let's chat!

    • 5+ years experience with DevOps tools
    • Strong Experience with cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, GCP, Azure or OCI
    • Strong Experience with orchestration platforms, such as Kubernetes (k8s)
    • CI/CD and production automation around deployments, rollbacks, promotions, etc.
    • Coding Ability: One or more of Go (Golang), Python, Perl, Ruby or shell scripting or similar other

    • In addition to the requirements above, any experience with DevOps, SRE, automation or infrastructure tooling is helpful.
    • Examples include: logging, monitoring, alerting tools; Deployment automation tooling such as Spinnaker; development lifecycle tooling, Container build, management, and orchestration; Experience with Linux internals and/or network administration (e.g., filesystems, system calls, signals, process states, TCP/IP, routing, AWS VPCs, Firewalls, cloud security groups, IP Block Management)
What We Offer:

Our goal is to remove as many obstacles as we can so you are able to do the best work of your life. We offer the following benefits to help you do that:

- Opportunity to make an enormous impact on hundreds of millions of lives, while growing your career
- A team that is passionate about achieving our mission and each other’s success
- Medical, dental, and vision benefits
- 401K
- Commuter stipend
- Quarterly learning stipend
- Phenomenal location within walking distance to the San Mateo CalTrain
- No meeting Tuesday's for Engineering