Data Engineer

Baltimore, MD
Protenus expanding its Data Engineering team with talented engineers having backgrounds in data & software engineering, analytics, health IT, or cyber security.  This team has an incredible engineering challenge: integrate a variety of electronic health records into our data flow while continuously improving the core Protenus platform. This is the foundation for our AI and visualization products.  Innovations here tie directly to the extensibility of our platform, the capabilities of our machine learning, and success in our mission.
Roles on this team are a challenging combination of software development (Scala/Python), data mapping & modeling, relational and NoSQL database engineering in a big-data context. You’ll have an opportunity to contribute your own unique expertise while simultaneously learning from others in the team - developing areas you want to be stronger in or satisfying your curiosity- with occasional customer interaction.


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar discipline.
    • Previous work history in data-centric software engineering or data engineering roles.  You have a grasp (relative to your experience) of good ETL practices, how to craft a relational data model, with hands-on experience setting up and administering a database solution or platform (ex: MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, MongoDB, various Hadoop distributions, etc).
    • Skilled with query languages: SQL, MongoDB query language, HiveQL, Spark SQL.
    • Skilled with data transfer & serialization formats: XML, JSON, Avro, simple formats (CSV, TSV).
    • Significant depth of development experience in a JVM language: Java, Scala, Groovy.
    • Comfort working in an Agile (Scrum) setting using issue management and code review tools.  You can work well with other engineers, collaborate on designs, and look at your work objectively as part of a greater whole.
    • Strong interest in building analytical systems & products.
    • Optional: You frequently debate the merits of 1NF, 2NF and 3NF over dinner (kidding).


    • Health IT domain experience: EHRs (Epic, Meditech, Cerner), HL7/FHIR/CCDA,  HIPAA & relevant security protocols.  The more depth here the better.
    • Past experience supporting or implementing behavioral analytics (bad actor identification, anomaly detection, user classification).
    • Development experience with Scala, Akka, or Spark.  We love our tech stack.
    • Data Engineering experience with MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server, and an intellectual curiosity about other platforms.
Protenus is a venture-backed health data analytics company founded in 2014 and based in Baltimore, Maryland. We use artificial intelligence to understand how electronic medical records are accessed in the course of care, and detect anomalies to ensure that every action taken inside a health system meets the high standards that patients expect. We serve an array of healthcare organizations across the U.S., including top-ranked hospitals, payers and health information exchanges.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, Protenus is committed to inclusion and diversity in the workforce. All qualified candidates will be considered for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, age, marital or family status, protected veteran status, disability, or religion.