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Filecoin is not your typical product. It is: a technical protocol, an open-source software project, a cryptocurrency, a decentralized storage market and marketplace, and a platform. Filecoin’s success as a project depends on its ability to attract developers from all industries and all over the world to build world-class tooling and applications for the Filecoin ecosystem. The Filecoin Developer Platform team is responsible for building Filecoin into one of the world’s best platforms for developers, and the work done on this team is instrumental to the success of the world’s largest decentralized storage network.

As a Product Manager for the Filecoin Developer Platform, you will…

    • Own the developer experience for Filecoin via stellar developer products, platforms, documentation, and APIs.
    • Manage the team responsible for creating this world-class developer experience.
    • Ensure that every Filecoin developer has an exceptional experience understanding and utilizing this complex, but groundbreaking technology.
    • Own the overall developer education and documentation platform, including sample applications to case studies, tutorials, and showcases.
    • Guide the development of intuitive, developer-friendly APIs.
    • Work cross-functionally with customers, product teams on Filecoin and within the ecosystem (like IPFS and Textile), engineering, documentation, and product marketing teams.
    • Ensure that the the Filecoin open-source community and developer ecosystem (our developer platform users) thrive!
    • Identify gaps that are needed to meet the needs of Filecoin developers, and design and manifest creative solutions to meet these needs.
    • Develop product roadmaps for the Developer Platform team to unlock new developer markets for Filecoin over time.
    • Grow and manage a team of developers, technical writers, and outsourced talent building the Filecoin Developer Platform.

You may be a fit for this role if you...

    • Have built APIs, products, and complex systems at scale.
    • Are immensely passionate about and are a strong advocate for an excellent developer experience.
    • Have experience synthesizing and creating best-in-class developer experiences for complex technical platforms.
    • Have experience managing technical software products from conception to launch.
    • Have experience as a startup founder, especially for software or technical companies.
    • Are hyper detail-oriented, extremely organized, and pride yourself on your ability to structure large, ambiguous systems into sensible, tractable ones.
    • Have strong written and verbal communication skills with a talent for precise articulations of customer problems.
    • Enjoy working closely with engineering teams.
    • Have demonstrated experience managing external development shops and agencies to build several products at once.
    • Will do whatever it takes to make your team successful, and are not afraid to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.
    • Have a computer science, math, or science degree, or software engineering experience.

Bonus points…

    • Product management with crypto projects or networks.
    • Experience working with and/or contributions to open-source software projects.
    • Are self-taught in some field, and consider yourself a voracious learner.
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