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Build the reference implementation of a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information.

We are hiring senior software engineers/leaders  to work on the reference implementation of Filecoin.

Filecoin is one of the most promising projects of Web 3.0. Fusing cutting edge SNARK research with a blockchain powered by the *useful* work of file storage, Filecoin demonstrates a practical application of these technologies to a giant market and global need. If successful, Filecoin will form a new foundation for distributed storage and computation for humans everywhere.

Many significant technical challenges remain as we work towards network launch, with even more in expanding the network and functionality after that point. We're seeking senior engineers experienced in distributed systems design and implementation to join our full-time open-source team. We particularly value experience independently designing and implementing significant components of complex systems, and the execution focus and discipline to carry projects to completion. Experience leading strong open source communities and/or contributing to other blockchain-like projects will be very highly regarded.

Distributed Systems Engineering at Protocol Labs

Distributed systems engineering lies at the center of many projects at Protocol Labs. With IPFS, libp2p, Filecoin and other related projects we are laying the foundation for a more resilient, more secure, distributed version of the web. This requires rigorous engineering from protocol design through all the phases of implementation. We strike a balance between pragmatism (put it on a ship ⛴), deeply informed protocol design, and strict application of strong engineering principles. All of this happens in an environment defined by curiosity, passion, and a love for open source.

As a Distributed Systems Software Engineer at Protocol Labs you might …

    • Design and implement significant components of the Filecoin open source reference implementation (in Go and Rust)
    • Develop solutions to hard problems in low-trust distributed systemsIntegrate research results and demonstrations into working, scalable programs and systems
    • Contribute to protocol design and specification efforts
    • Lead and develop more junior engineers, and provide guidance and review for open source contributors around the world

You may be a fit for this role if you have…

    • Significant experience designing and building distributed infrastructure or systems
    • A strong technical design ability informed by broad experience across multiple domains/specialties
    • A solid understanding of distributed systems principles and applications
    • A keen awareness of teamwork, process, and patterns of successful collaboration

Highly valued bonus experience includes:

    • Open source community curation and leadership
    • Decentralized building blocks such as blockchain, DHTs, smart contracts, p2p networking, etc.
    • Security engineering and/or cryptography principles and practices
    • Large-scale systems (especially networking, performance, storage, or reliability engineering)
    • Virtual machines
    • Extensive Go programming

What’s it like to work at Protocol Labs?
Protocol Labs mission is to improve humanity’s most important technology, the Internet. We build protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works. Today, we are focused on how we store, locate, and move information. Our projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and more.

As a distributed team, we hire anywhere in the world, and at various levels of experience (entry, senior, staff). We look for people with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

We have a great benefits package, including parental leave, contributions to your retirement, competitive pay, and unlimited time off. For U.S.-based employees, we also provide platinum-level health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family.