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We seek a Sr. Developer Advocate who will help us support, connect, and grow IPFS’s many online and offline communities.
IPFS is an open-source project that cares deeply about supporting its many communities -- from dweb developers, to browsers, to blockchain projects, to data storage hosts. Having healthy communities is critical for the long-term health of IPFS by ensuring that all contributors and users are welcome, engaged, and getting the help they need.

As the IPFS Sr. Developer Advocate, you will be responsible for providing tactical support for our engineering community, creating our global community strategy, and executing this strategy on the ground. Day-to-day, you might help us respond to community support questions, coordinate online and offline events, update existing documentation and issues for accuracy, and manage a team of global community ambassadors. Week-to-week in this role, you might design and implement new community engagement programs, conduct community research, and work with our communications and events teams to plan larger conferences and other events. As a Developer Advocate, you will be the face of IPFS to the community and our communities’ advocate to the IPFS working groups. Through it all -- the tactical and strategic work -- your warmth and thoughtfulness will be needed to maintain welcoming spaces for our community members. 

This role comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, but will also require you to get your hands dirty and execute. If you’re up for the challenge, we’d love for you to apply.

As a Sr. Developer Advocate for IPFS, you will…

    • Manage developer community communications channels, including Slack, Matrix, Twitter, Discourse, Reddit, email lists
    • Respond to open-source questions & support requests from community members, and help triage support requests to redirect to the appropriate person or team
    • Synthesize product feedback from the community and share with the team
    • Run and coordinate online and offline community events 
    • Develop written content to increase understanding and usage of the IPFS protocol
    • Create new community engagement programs to increase the size, reach, and health of our global communities
    • Create a global community strategy that incorporates your insights and research into successful community groups

You may be a fit for this role if you...

    • Deeply understand distributed computing networks
    • Previously managed communities for open-source projects
    • Have experience with developer relations and developer support
    • Have a technical background, and can code in one or more languages
    • Have strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
    • Enjoy taking initiative to solve open-ended problems

Bonus points…

    • Experience writing documentation or producing other content to synthesize and simplify technical concepts for technical and non-technical audiences
    • Have coordinated large events and conferences in the past
    • Have managed community grant or sponsorship processes
    • Experience with P2P,  blockchain, and dapp development tools and workflows
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