Simulation and Optimization Specialist

Stellarator Optimization /
Full-time /
At Proxima Fusion, we're driven by a bold mission – to redefine the future of sustainable energy. Our unique concept, built upon the groundbreaking W7-X stellarator and the latest advances in technology, paves the way for commercially viable fusion power plants.

Our work in stellarator optimization, powered by cutting-edge computation and machine learning, is propelling us into uncharted territories of fusion technology. New higher performance design points are unlocked by high temperature superconducting magnets and we're leveraging this technology with advanced computational design capabilities.

We're on a journey to redefine the energy landscape, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

As a pivotal member of our stellarator optimization team, you will contribute to groundbreaking advancements in fusion power. Optimization of stellarator configurations is a rapidly moving field and is being revolutionized by advances in computation and machine learning. New techniques have unlocked potential to discover device geometries achieving transformative levels of performance. We are pushing forward the state-of-the-art for stellarator optimization and integrating directly with design engineering workflows. We are building new techniques and processes to drive fusion performance up and power plant costs down.

If you are:

    • Proficient in numerical analysis and non-linear multi-objective optimization;
    • Experienced in machine learning techniques, especially physics-informed neural networks and surrogate modeling;
    • Skilled in developing optimization algorithms and creating objective/constraint functions, then you are a suitable candidate;
    • [Nice to have] Offer deep knowledge of fusion-relevant simulations like magnetohydrodynamics or gyrokinetics;

You will help us:

    • Generate stellarator configurations, striking the perfect balance between performance and feasibility for grid-ready fusion power;
    • Innovate by developing new optimization algorithms and objective/constraint functions;
    • Create high-performance proxies for critical plasma physics and engineering criteria;
    • Collaborate closely with mechanical and design engineering teams to minimize overall system compromises;
    • Working hand-in-hand with pure software engineering team, providing requirements for simulation infrastructure and contributing to high-quality software development.

In return, you will get:

    • Fulfilling Mission: Work on harnessing the universe's fundamental energy source that powers the stars. If you want to contribute directly to transforming the way we produce energy in the world, Proxima is the place to be.
    • Incredible Team: Join a mission-driven, team-oriented, excellence-seeking team from all over the globe. We're working on fusion to change the world and we thrive in a supportive and rewarding environment.
    • World-Leading Partners: We are supported by internationally renowned groups, industrial companies and technical advisors with experience built on groundbreaking fusion experiments.
    • Shared Success: Live the success of the company by taking part in a generous stock options program. We aim for every team member to feel a shared sense of ownership, responsibility, and pride.
    • Healthy Environment: We take care of each other, while pushing ourselves to our best - we are on a marathon, not a sprint. We offer language courses for team members and their families. Every team member receives a ticket for free public transport in Munich and on all regional trains in Germany.
Proxima Fusion is firmly committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. We embrace the principles of equality and stand against discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, or sexual orientation.
Our organizational culture values and promotes equal opportunities for everyone, recognizing that a diverse team brings a richness of perspectives and contributes to our overall success. We encourage and welcome applications from candidates with various backgrounds, talents, and potential. Our selection process is solely based on individual merit, ensuring fair and impartial consideration for all applicants.