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Boston, MA
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We are currently seeking a Senior Investigator in Biology to work onsite with our agile team in our Boston Seaport office/lab.
About Psivant Therapeutics
Psivant Therapeutics is creating better therapeutics through an integrated molecular design paradigm that leverages best-in-class physics-based + AI technologies arising from decades of research and innovation. Our focus is first-in-class inflammation and immunology (I&I) small molecule therapeutics. We have assembled a diverse team with extensive experience across research disciplines ranging from physics and computer science to chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and structural biology. This continuum of complementary skills is essential for driving our scientific vision and bringing meaningful therapeutics to patients in need. We are patient-inspired, perseverant, synergistic, supportive, intrepid, and inclusive. If you are inspired to bring better medicines to patients within a collaborative organization that combines advanced computation with drug discovery, then Psivant could be the right place for you.
Here at Psivant – we are a lean, high performing team. We want individuals who are both smart and collaborative– who want to get things done. We push boundaries for growth in both ourselves and our science. We look for people who thrive in high-paced, nimble, early-stage biotech environments.

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Job Responsibilities

    • Independently design and execute biology experiments
    • Critically analyze, interpret, and present data to the team
    • Supervise and collaborate with junior researcher(s) to develop, optimize, validate, and automate biochemical and cellular assays to characterize small molecules inhibitors for hit-finding, hit-to-lead, and lead-optimization
    • Communicate ideas and results to internal and external parties in verbal, written, and presentation formats
    • Manage relationships and scientific outcomes with remote collaborators to set up/validate novel assays
    • Establish cellular models of disease and execute assays to evaluate drug activity and mechanism of action
    • Stay updated with relevant scientific literature and propose new experimental strategies and approaches

Key Qualifications

    • MS or PhD in immunology, cellular, and/or molecular biology, a minimum of 2-4 years of experience in an industrial drug discovery setting, preferentially in inflammation and immunology (I&I)
    • Expertise with a variety of laboratory techniques such as ELISA, western blots, immunofluorescence/luminescence, FACS, qRT-PCR, tissue culture, generation of engineered cell lines, liquid handling automation
    • Demonstrated ability to independently design and execute experiments, record data, and interpret results and proactively design follow-up experiments
    • Highly organized, detailed-oriented with excellent communication skills
    • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills and attention to detail

Additional Experience of Interest

    • Primary immune cell assays- B & T cell isolation, cell activation, proliferation and cytokine/antibody detection assay
    • Cell engineering using various gene editing techniques  
    • Receptor ligand binding assays
    • HRTF, LUMIT, AlphaLISA assays