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Benton, AR
Inpatient Division – Benton, AR

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  • Psychiatric Medical Care An Equal Opportunity Employer We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the Company's policy to not unlawfully discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual preference or identity, genetic information, military service, or any other category protected by federal, state or local laws. The Company also prohibits harassment of applicants and employees based upon these protected categories. Job applications will be considered active until the position applied for has been filled. If you wish to be considered for employment after that, you must reapply. Please read and complete all sections carefully before signing. False, incomplete, or misleading information will result in rejection during the hiring process or termination of employment if subsequently discovered.
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  • If the position for which you are applying requires driving of any vehicle, do you have a current, valid, unrestricted driver's license? (You must be qualified, licensed, and insurable in order to hold any position that requires driving.)Select yes or no:
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  • Can you, with or without a reasonable accommodation, perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying, including any attendance requirements? (If you have any questions about the functions of the job, please ask the interviewer before answering.)Select yes or no:
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  • Please Read Carefully I understand and acknowledge that this application does not create an offer of employment and that to the extent I receive an offer of employment, that offer is conditional upon my passing a pre-employment background check and a pre-placement medical examination / drug and alcohol screen. The Company complies with the ADA, the ADAAA and applicable state law and considers reasonable accommodation measures that may be necessary for qualified applicants/employees to perform the essential functions of the job. I understand that all employment with the Company is on an “at-will” basis and that either I or the Company have the right to terminate employment at any time for any reason not otherwise prohibited by law. Except as noted otherwise above, by signing below, I authorize the Company to investigate my references and prior employment record, and I release the Company and all other parties from liability for any damage that may result from, or is related to, the furnishing of information related to my references or my prior employment record to the Company. I understand that, if I am hired, it is critical that I am at work when scheduled and therefore I am responsible to make the necessary transportation arrangements to ensure that I am at work on time and as scheduled. I agree to conform to the employer’s substance and abuse policy and agree to submit to drug tests as required by the employer. I understand that smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas unless designated smoking areas have been established by a particular Company in accordance with applicable state and local law. By clicking "yes", I certify that all statements and answers in this application are true and correct and agree that any untrue or misleading answer, omission, concealment or failure to answer any question fully, completely and accurately will be grounds for terminating my employment with the Company, regardless of when discovered.
  • SCHEDULING: Our facilities must be adequately staffed to maintain quality patient care. Work schedules are varied and require some flexibility. Do you have any commitments to another employer which might affect your employment with us?Select yes or no:

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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity information   (Completion is voluntary and will not subject you to adverse treatment)

Our company values diversity. To ensure that we comply with reporting requirements and to learn more about how we can increase diversity in our candidate pool, we invite you to voluntarily provide demographic information in a confidential survey at the end of this application. Providing this information is optional. It will not be accessible or used in the hiring process, and has no effect on your opportunity for employment.