Data Scientist / ML Engineer

Data Science
About us
It is a momentous time for value-based kidney care, and we are excited to be a part of much needed change. Chronic Kidney Disease is a relatively under diagnosed condition that creates great suffering and burden on society. Out of every 5 dollars of Medicare expense, 1 dollar is spent on the CKD patient. Headquartered in New York, pulseData's mission is to create Machine Learning systems to scale care workflows and to proactively address the explosive growth of kidney disease patients that will fall under value based care.

What we're looking for
As a Data Scientist / ML Engineer you are passionate to tackle one of the great medical & technological challenges of our time. You will have a strong software engineering background with 1-3 years experience, and you are looking gain more data science skills and experience. You will wrangle data, prototype and bring alive robust models so they can be deployed in systems of care delivery. This role requires flexibility and collaboration between disparate disciplines, and together we will seamlessly deliver care from data-through-delivery. We offer a great variety of data to build systems and models from, and you'll be making a real difference, at scale. Come join us and develop creative ways to explore, organize, and leverage clinical data to care for kidney patients.

The environment:

    • We have real ML systems deployed that make a difference in people's lives.
    • We are adding multiple healthcare clients, and are looking for additional talent to bring alive a suite of systems to address numerous care frictions.
    • Pre-Series A (soon to be Series A) startup with team members with diverse, backgrounds in medicine, biomedical informatics, quantitative trading, machine learning, and language processing.
    • We are blessed with deeply passionate clients and seed investors that are partnering with us in making healthcare data-driven.

Looking for:

    • 1-3 years experience as an engineer, developer, programmer, or data scientist, in a production software environment.
    • Requires >1 years Python, Apache Spark, exposure to coding best practices
    • Excitement to have real ML systems deployed that make a difference in people's lives.
    • Someone dependable, cooperative, and responsible who can collaborate well in a team environment.
    • Someone independent, proactive, and can enjoy the process of creating order from uncertainty.
    • Someone to make reliable, adaptive, robust machine learning engines and algorithms
    • Someone to build and improve data pipelines for feature extraction, parallel processing, and testing
    • Translate data insights clearly and communicate how it can impact patient lives

Other Value-Add Skills

    • Experience in a cloud environments i.e. AWS, Azure, GCE, Kubernetes.
    • Database architecture
    • Experience implementing web service technologies with HTTP, JSON, REST.
    • Experience with databases: Postgres, Mongo, SQL, NoSQL.
    • Experience building user facing applications using JavaScript, React, Vue and GraphQL.