Scrum Master

Sydney, NSW
Full-Time / Permanent
About us
Quantum technology is likely to be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th. Quantum computing in particular promises to completely disrupt the way we process information - transforming previously uncomputable problems into manageable ones.

If you build or use quantum hardware, Q-CTRL provides the critical enabling software and professional services to help you achieve maximum performance.  We empower our customers to realise the true potential of quantum tech, combining modern product design and engineering with state-of-the-art quantum control techniques.

Backed by globally renowned investors including Square Peg, Sierra Ventures, and Sequoia Capital, we recently completed our Series A funding round, securing an additional AU$22M to advance our work.

As the Scrum Master, you’ll be responsible for planning, leading and coaching the Organisation in its adoption of Scrum and promoting and supporting Scrum by helping everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules, and values. You’ll be a servant-leader for the Scrum Team and you’ll help those outside the Scrum Team understand which of their interactions with the Scrum Team are helpful and which aren’t. You’ll also help everyone change these interactions to maximise the value created by the Scrum Team.

A Scrum Master will be wearing multiples hats and gets to play different roles, such as...
Coach: you will facilitate meetings, conversations, and improvements
Protector: you will run interference so the team can remain focused
Servant-Leader: you will lead without authority and put the team first
Agile Advocate: you will Reinforce Agile principles throughout the organisation

What you'll do

    • Facilitating Scrum events
    • Understanding and practicing agility
    • Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption
    • Planning Scrum implementations
    • Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development
    • Causing change that increases the productivity of the Scrum Team
    • Ensuring that goals, scope, and product domain are understood by everyone on the Scrum Team as well as possible
    • Finding techniques for effective Product Backlog management
    • Helping the Scrum Team understand the need for clear and concise Product Backlog items
    • Coaching the Development Team in self-organisation and cross-functionality
    • Helping the Development Team to create high-value products
    • Removing impediments to the Development Team’s progress

Desired Attributes and Behaviours

    • You are humble. You credit the team, not yourself
    • You are respectful. You treat others as whole, creative, and purposeful beings with positive intent
    • You are empathetic. You listen to understand and you are comfortable with silence
    • You are persuasive. You work to remove impediments throughout the organisation
    • You are connected. You know (or find out) who to talk to to solve problems and resolve issues
    • You understand that communication is the biggest responsibility of your role and the one you’re least likely to get right unless you focus on it
    • You care about how your attitude affects those around you. Everything you do runs through this filter
    • You love to teach and learn from your co-workers

Desired Skills and Qualifications

    • Several years of experience in a focussed Agile practitioner role, preferably in a Startup environment.
    • Great interpersonal and communication skills
    • Comfortable with Lean, SCRUM, Kanban, DevOps
    • Agile/Scrum related certifcations are highly desired, but not essential ( PSM I-II-III, PAL, CSM, A-CSM, CSP, CAC, CTC, CST, CAL I-II)
At Q-CTRL, you can make a difference from day one - you won't be just a cog in the machine. You will work in a fascinating industry where you get to be a part of the 21st century’s most disruptive technology transformation. 

You'll get to live the startup life without the startup wages: we offer competitive salaries and potential equity options. We also embrace flexible work hours - worry about your global impact, not a rigid work schedule. Headquartered in WeWork, our team gets to enjoy the perks of this vibrant startup hub (private and communal work spaces, lunch and learns, workshops, yoga classes, run club, community gatherings, weekly breakfast, free flowing coffee/beer and much more). We are looking for people as excited as we are about building the quantum future. Join us!

Please note all applicants must have full work rights in Australia. To recruitment agencies, we do not accept unsolicited branded profiles and are not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.