Senior Rust Software Engineer

San Carlos
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Q Bio is building technology for the Physical of the Future that measures more, faster and cheaper about the human body, to enable proactive primary care for all. We're revolutionizing primary care with the first clinical digital twin platform, powered by breakthrough whole-body scanning technology, that highlights the most important changes in a person’s physiology for sharing with physicians and specialists anywhere in the world. 

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Q Bio’s clinical digital twin platform, Gemini, is the first to capture and monitor comprehensive baseline patient health in a scalable virtual model. The Gemini Dashboard highlights the most important chemical and anatomical changes in an individual weighted by an individual’s lifestyle, genetic and medical history, that can be securely shared with physicians and specialists all over the world.

Gemini is powered by the fastest, most accessible, whole body scanner developed: the Mark I. Self-driving and optimized for primary care, the Mark I can complete a whole-body scan in 15 minutes or less in an open space, without radiation, breath holds, or claustrophobia. Patient comfort is maximized with the option to sit, stand, or lie down, and real-time telemetry is displayed throughout.

Why should you consider a career with Q Bio? 

We dream big. Our team is aligned and excited about the opportunity to save lives and understand the human body like never before. We know how critical empowering and supportive leadership is, both to our excellence as a company, and for our team experience as a whole, and our leadership team will empower and support career growth. We’re a team of engineers, scientists, and operators who come from a diverse background of disciplines and experiences. We value teamwork, growth, determination and persistence, commitment to collaboration, and a reliance on staying nimble while keeping the big picture in mind. 

The Radiomics Engineering Team owns every aspect  of controlling our custom built whole body scanner, from the UI down to the hardware boards sending and receiving signals from the scanner, as well as linking data from existing scanners to our cloud platform.  We’re a cross-functional team that works closely with other teams of scientists and software engineers.

The Senior Rust Software Engineer will be responsible for helping to build QBio's whole body scanner control and data acquisition software (which is written in Rust), working closely with the scientists and engineers across the team.

Minimum Qualifications

    • Prior experience with systems programming in a compiled language
    • Solid programming experience in Rust (two years minimum), comfortable with idiomatic rust patterns described in “the book,” ownership, lifetimes, futures, testing, and shipping crates.
    • Strong sense of ownership and a passion for solving technical challenges by writing code

Preferred Qualifications

    • Bachelor's degree in an engineering, math, or science field
    • Visible track record of open-source contributions in Rust, C++, or C
    • Familiarity with test methodology
    • Familiarity with benchmarking performance and memory usage
    • Familiarity with 3D graphics programming in OpenGL or related
In the San Francisco Bay Area, the standard pay range for this role is $160,000-$190,000 annualized. This pay range is for the San Francisco Bay Area and is not applicable to locations outside of this location or for remote roles. Actual amounts will vary depending on experience, performance, and work location. In addition to a competitive base salary, we offer significant equity and an employee-friendly stock option plan. Employees will also be eligible to participate in benefits plans available to other similarly situated employees subject to any eligibility requirements imposed by such plans.

We are mission first, passionate about building things, and passionate about learning. We're looking for people that bring those same values, that can propel us along our mission, that can build great things, and where we can learn from each other and grow along the way.

Q Bio was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jeffrey Kaditz, Dr. Michael Snyder, Chair of Genetics and Director of Personalized Medicine at Stanford University, and Dr. Garry Choy, physician, radiologist, and former Chief Medical Information Officer at Mass General Hospital. Q Bio has raised over $80M from world class investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, SciFi VC, and many more.

Q Bio is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.