Lab Manager

New Haven, CT
Quantum Circuits, Inc. is on a mission to transform quantum computation into a powerful platform that will solve the world’s most challenging problems. QCI is a start-up that spun out of the world-leading research labs of Profs. Rob Schoelkopf and Michel Devoret at Yale University in late 2015. We are committed to bringing to market the first practical quantum computer, built out of superconducting quantum circuit elements. Ours is a modular approach – we focus on scaling up a network of simple yet powerful quantum computing blocks, tackling challenges like error correction head-on. QCI’s scaling roadmap doesn’t stop at quantum hardware – we are building an entire quantum stack, in which software, control electronics, and algorithms development all play an integral role. We invite you to reach out to us and apply to join our motivated and multi-disciplinary team. Our goal is to revolutionize the field and usher in a new age of quantum information – be part of it.

As a QCI lab manager, these are the kinds of projects you’d be working on:

    • Managing the lab ordering process for procuring equipment, parts and consumables
    • Managing and maintaining an inventory of laboratory equipment, parts and vendors
    • Overseeing safety and compliance requirements for chemicals, hazardous materials use, for example
    • Managing scheduling and logistics for lab operations and equipment as well as overseeing facilities and large lab equipment

What we’re looking for from you:

    • Experience with inventory management, supply chain, vendor relations and procurement of equipment and supplies in a laboratory or industry setting
    • Experience with laboratory facilities oversight and management
    • Experience with chemical and other laboratory safety procedures and compliance requirements
    • Direct experience in a physics, nanofabrication or electronics lab environment
    • B. S. in physics, electrical engineering, material science or equivalent experience in industry
    • A background in RF engineering, nanofabrication, physics, or quantum computing is preferred
    • Excellent attention to detail, communication skills, and ability to work in an interdisciplinary team with professionals from other fields of physics and engineering