Senior Content Editor - Marketplace

New York, NY (HQ)
Marketing - Marketplace /
Remote /
We’re looking for an experienced content creator and editor that is excited to shake up the world of digital collectibles, NFTs, and blockchain-based apps, games, and metaverses. 

Are you ready to shape our brand and voice? Are you ready to attract new audiences and build a close-knit community? If so, join us at Quidd! We’re the world’s first marketplace for digital collectibles and the gateway for mainstream collectors to fall in love with NFTs.

You will be responsible for nearly all content that shows up, from Quidd about Quidd, across the app, blogs, email newsletters, ads, press releases, and other long-form mediums. As the resident in-house copywriter, copy editor, and content planner, you will run everything end-to-end, from overall strategy to messaging to production to analysis.

Launched in 2016, Quidd has a pre-existing community of millions of digital collectors, some of whom have been with us for over 5 years. However, we’ve never told the world about ourselves, outside of a few strategically placed YouTube sponsorships in 2018.

This will be your mission -- to tell the world about Quidd and its community. To accomplish this, everyday you will work with a small, cross-functional team, including product managers, designers, engineers, and merchandisers, putting you at the center of the action.

What You'll Do

    • Develop and execute the company’s content strategy
    • Define key messages, always knowing what sells from a reader’s perspective
    • Plan, write, and edit a lot, including copy for blog posts, website articles, ad creative, push notifications, automated emails, user guides, email newsletters, and press releases
    • Produce a series of original long-form content focused on collecting, popular culture, and NFTs, balancing crypto credibility with mainstream understanding and appeal
    • Own and operate the overall content schedule, including management of an extended team of freelance copywriters in on-going content production
    • Track, analyze, and report on all media exposure, including open rates, click-thru rates, pageviews, and more across content channels
    • Partner with graphic designers and video production companies to produce world-class teaser materials

Who You Are

    • An extremely-organized person; your world-class project management is an inborn characteristic...there is something inside you that must do it
    • A talented writer; writing and editing comes easy to do, and you enjoy doing it
    • A storyteller; you are a natural at drawing in an audience and telling our story, and the story of our collectors 
    • A collector; you can inhabit the collector’s mindset because you yourself collect (trading cards, memorabilia, rare books, sneakers, NFTs, etc)
    • Super curious about NFTs; you’ve seen the headlines and gone further down the rabbit hole; you’ve researched some of the latest NFT projects and own an NFT or three
    • A hands-on doer; you can run content schedules, craft messaging, create graphics and short video clips on-the-fly, publish content, and analyze results
    • Not a beginner; you have proven track record and can point to a portfolio of content and content marketing you’ve done, both good and bad
    • A resilient sponge; small teams and startups aren’t easy and there will be hazards along the way so you must be fortified and willing to learn...success will be more rewarding as a result

What You're Good At

    • Branding and voice; you can craft a unique and fresh voice for this 5 year-old brand, both through creative inspiration and real-time iteration
    • Calendarization; you are oriented towards the future and plan very, very well 
    • Researching & Writing; you are skilled with copywriting and can write persuasively, quickly and easily; you can interview and conduct research, detailing and contextualizing the stories behind the collectibles 
    • Editing & Communicating; you can get the most out of other writers, turning feedback into actions through an extended network of collaborators and writers, at scale
    • Going Deeper; there’s the surface and then there’s what is underneath; you are skilled at investigating what is happening on deeper levels, using empathy, and contextualizing stories for the world to consume and understand
    • Geeking Out; you can effortlessly go deep on pop culture references

What You've Done

    • Functional: a minimum of 5+ years managing editorial, content creation, and content marketing for a startup, technology company, or big brand
    • Industry: personal and professional experience in marketplaces, collectibles, e-commerce, and/or crypto