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About Quizlet:
Help us build the AI-powered tutor that helps anyone learn anything.
Inspired by our belief that anyone can learn anything and powered by our own curiosity, we build the smartest tools we can imagine to help students learn. Quizlet is a personalized learning platform allowing students to create study questions, activities, and games or to access study sets created by teachers and other learners. Two-thirds of U.S. high school students and half of all college students the 1.5 billion students around the world already use Quizlet with 50 million students studying with us each month. , 2 million more sign up each month, and we’re on track to become the undisputed leader in user-generated learning content, at the scale of YouTube. 

Now we’re building an AI-powered tutor that adapts and improves the more you use it. To serve our global community of learners, our teams tackle lofty technical challenges and design for use cases across cultures and languages. We work hard, act like owners, and collaborate every chance we get. We’re energized by the potential to power more learners and by the new lessons, we learn every day. 
With offices in major cities around the world and ambitious plans for expansion, we remain grounded in our commitment to our mission of learning. We’re looking for new team members who crave a challenge and want to help us continue amplifying our impact. If you’d like to learn more, reach out at careers@quizlet.com or visit our careers page
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About the team: 

The Study team strives to help learners meet their study goals across all of our supported platforms. This includes improving upon core product features, researching better ways to practice and master the content in Quizlet, and looking for ways to improve our study modes like the ML adaptive Learn mode. Our current projects include modernizing the Study modes with shared core logic using Kotlin Multiplatform, expanding the data model to support new user experiences, and rearchitecting the way we store our user-generated data to support massive scalability.

As a cross-functional team, we have engineers from Android, iOS, and Web working together with members from Product, Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Product Support, and Marketing, to improve and develop new learning experiences. We also work closely with user research to understand how people use our product and what’s getting in their way to practice and master whatever they are learning.
One of our recent mobile projects has been improving our Flashcards study mode experience by updating the design of the feature to a more intuitive swiping flow that allows users to make piles for what they know and don’t know. We’re currently working on a big leap in grading user’s written answers to semantically interpret their input and give them feedback on how well they understand conceptually.

About the role:

    • Collaborate with Product, Design, Data Science, and other software engineers to define and develop new features like Smart Grading and Study Paths that help our users feel more comfortable learning new material
    • Improve and extend our Kotlin multi-platform codebase to impact our Android and iOS platforms
    • Refactor old patterns to modernize and improve the developer experience
    • Contribute, lead, and collaborate on projects that seek to improve Quizlet’s study modes
    • Identify, advocate, and contribute in platform investment projects each quarter that will improve the productivity of full stack engineers as well as the quality of the codebase

A breakdown of the average day for this role:

    • Team Study’s mission works in two week sprints, with kickoffs at the beginning, daily stand-ups throughout, and a retro at the end to ensure our process is working for us (and not the other way around!). Our core mission is learning, and we value that as a team, so you'll work with your manager to identify the skills you want to develop and make sure you're able to build them.
    • As a full stack web engineer on Team Study, you can expect an average day to include:
    • Working with PM/design/data/marketing to identify which problems Team Study should tackle to make Quizlet even better at enabling learners to study effectively.
    • Formulating engineering plans around possible solutions, focusing on validating user delight early with A/B testing and working with the rest of the web engineers to estimate realistic milestones.
    • Code reviewing team PRs and sharing your own so that other team engineers have visibility into what we're building and how we've designed it.
    • Plenty of heads down time to execute on the team plan - whether that's improving our cross-platform ML-powered grading integration, building out a fully personalized learning experience in our study modes, or something else entirely!
    • Planning for and implementing improvements to the way we do things on the web, as part of wider platform investments we commit to as an engineering organization.

What you bring to the table:

    • 2+ years of experience building rich, interactive web applications
    • Experience working with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling — for example, we use React, TypeScript, Redux, webpack, and Prettier
    • Passion for understanding user behavior and building beautiful user experiences
    • Experience working on large-scale consumer websites, with attention to scalability and performance concerns
    • Experience working with server-side MVC web frameworks and REST APIs
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Enjoy collaborating in a cross-platform and cross-disciplinary team
    • Experience writing unit tests and testable code
    • Excitement about the impact your work could have on the lives of students and teachers every day

Bonus points if:

    • You teach, tutor, or mentor others at or outside work
    • You have experience leading projects from inception to completion

Benefits and perks:
-Collaborate with your manager and team to create a schedule that ensures a high level of productivity (creating that ideal work/life balance)
-We offer 20 days of paid vacation (and we expect you to take them)
-We’ll provide you with a laptop and monitor you’d like to go with itInclusive, top-notch benefits available to all fulltime Quizleters

Next steps:
Curious about our interview process? 
-Meet with Recruiter
-Meet with Hiring Manager
-Meet with Potential Colleagues and Leadership

We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome! 
We work to create a holistic interview process, where both Quizlet and candidates have an opportunity to view what it would be like to work together, in exploring a mutually beneficial partnership.
We provide a transparent setting, that gives a comprehensive view of who we are!  

In Closing:
We hope you are excited about everything you read so far. We highly encourage you to apply for this position, even if you feel you do not meet all the requirements. Quizlet is always looking for amazing folks that believe in our mission and can contribute to our team in various ways - not merely candidates that fit a certain mold.
We have a bias for action, take initiative, and hustle to deliver results. We make informed decisions whenever possible but are unafraid to take calculated risks on great ideas to promote learning. We embrace challenges and see effort as the path to mastery. We’re constantly seeking opportunities to learn and we embrace curiosity. Quality matters at Quizlet, and we hold the bar high on everything we do.
We treat each other with honesty and respect, encourage vigorous debate, and seek critical feedback. We value diversity, humility, transparency, and collaboration as the best paths to our success — as individuals, as a team, and as a company.

Quizlet’s success as an online learning community depends on a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are actively working to build a team that is representative of the diverse communities we serve, and an open, inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive. As an equal opportunity employer and a tech company committed to societal change, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds. Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. Come join us!

To All Recruiters and Placement Agencies:
At this time Quizlet does not accept unsolicited agency resumes and/or profiles. 
Please do not forward unsolicited agency resumes to our website or to any Quizlet employee. Quizlet will not pay fees to any third-party agency or firm nor will it be responsible for any agency fees associated with unsolicited resumes. All unsolicited resumes received will be considered the property of Quizlet.