Vice President, Analytic Sales

Washington, DC
Advanced Data Analytics

QxBranch delivers innovative solutions in data analytics, machine learning, and quantum computing across insurance, financial services, and cyber security sectors.
Current clients include Fortune 100 companies, investment banks, hedge funds, and technology companies with a planned focus on large global retail entities. QxBranch is a spin-out of two leading firms in the aerospace and defense sectors; headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in London and Adelaide, Australia.
QxBranch has advanced data analytic capabilities to provide the following consulting services:
·           Analytics as a Service - QxBranch works with firms to analyze on-going streams of data generated as a result of normal operations. Examples include financial information, customer data, athletic performance, and national security issues. QxBranch conducts a comprehensive initial assessment to convert data gathering into real-time insight, and then develops analysis tools to generate and evolve this information monthly. This allows firms to react quickly to changes in customer behavior, market in dynamic systems, and eliminate emerging or unnecessary costs.
·           Build & Develop Analytic Solutions - For immediate or breaking challenges, QxBranch will address specific issues related to data analysis, data management, and high-performance IT systems. We take an objective and systematic approach to solving complex problems, bringing interdisciplinary expertise in data science, engineering, physics, and business analytics. With access to commercial quantum computing capabilities, QxBranch helps high-tech firms understand, position for, and exploit this emerging field.
·           Quantum Computing Tools and Applications - QxBranch’s software development team brings decades of experience in high performance computing, modeling and simulation, and development of mission critical systems – those where even slight errors can lead to catastrophic loss. We apply industry leading system engineering approaches that assure performance and eliminate errors in code.
The Vice President, Analytic Sales, will be a key member of the QxBranch leadership team reporting directly to Michael Brett, Chief Executive Officer. S/he will be responsible for driving consultative sales approaches for complex mission critical environments where data needs to be translated into insights and actionable outcomes.
The impact of this role is hard to overstate as this individual will be responsible for building the sales organization from inception, take an individual contributor role to start, focusing on strategic customers wins, customer segmentation, implementing the sales tools to capture and track opportunities in a CRM system and be responsible for the execution of its vision and product evolution.
Key responsibilities will include:
·           Act as a Strategist/Advisor – In an environment where the future success of the organization rests on the ability to anticipate where the market is headed, what the competition is doing, and what customers need to be successful, the Vice President, Analytic Sales, will recognize superior opportunities within the market and quickly mobilize to take advantage of those opportunities. He/She can create, articulate, and execute against a strategic plan.
·           Effectively influence customer decisions, the ideal candidate will be a persuasive senior executive who can develop trusting relationships in a “win-win” fashion. Our candidate will be an excellent communicator who is articulate, open, and easily engenders trust with both customers and across the company management team.
·           Attracting, hiring, and retaining top sales and marketing talent to enable the achievement of targeted growth goals.
·           Drive aggressive year-over-year growth through developing a model capable of supporting and sustaining high, double-digit revenue growth.
·           Build a vertical and segment sales strategy across multiple verticals, identify new opportunities, and provide organizational vision and communication, implementing repeatable processes, systems and best practices that are required to ensure improved operations and increased customer acquisition.
·           Establish both short-term and long-term sales goals and monitor achievement, taking necessary action as needed to ensure sales targets are achieved; assess and determine how the sales organization functions and identify improvements in the organizational model, team member profiles
·           and account strategies to continually improve and scale operations.
·           Develop strategic sales plans that align with the corporate strategy through market research, competitive analysis, customer engagements and business planning.
·           Collaborate with key stakeholders across the organization developing the go-to market messaging that positions QxBranch competitively to accelerate winning market share and profitability.
·           Have proven record of accomplishment of success in garnering support and leading internal stakeholders, and be the internal/external evangelist. The sales leader must be able to inspire and motivate the team and get everyone moving in the same direction.
·           Will have the technical knowledge to earn the respect of and work with engineers to build solutions that solve complex data needs. Must effectively communicate requirements, and drive to deliverables that meet client needs.
The Vice President, Analytic Sales, will be a proven and well-known leader in the high-tech industry, with extensive experience in software and/or data analytics, who has managed early stage sales driving revenues from inception to $30M+ per year.
He/She will bring extensive experience operating in complex environments, but also have prior entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial background. Having closed some of the larger and more marquee transactions in their prior organizations, this individual will also bring a player/coach mentality and relish their time in the field with customers.
A technically astute individual, the incoming leader will also be able to have multi-layered and cogent conversations with CIOs, CTOs, and Business Unit Heads, about data analytics/machine learning, trade-offs between different models and technical implications of those solutions.
The ideal attributes and experiences of the successful candidate will include:
·           7+ years of experience building and leading a sales team from inception with a background at a major software, data analytics, or technology services company with a focus on selling complex solutions to C-level buyers.
·           Has managed, optimized, and led to the successful achievement of plan, sales organizations that are responsible for $0 to $30M in annual revenues.
·           Domain expertise in several of the following areas: Software as a service, Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Quantum Computing.
·           Experienced in data analytics sales models and brings a strong technical backbone that allows one to play a trusted advisor role to CIOs and CTOs during their data journey.
·           Comfortable working in a complex, global environment, with a highly-technical team while ideally bringing a mix of entrepreneurial and large cap company background.
·           Capable of functioning effectively as a senior leadership team member, while forging close working relationships with key managers throughout the organization, and mentoring individuals as needed.
·           Personally, driving and solving complex problems with strategic clients; while leading from the front.
·           Consistent track record of achieving annual consulting revenues and pipeline targets.
Personal characteristics will include:
·           A strong balance of strategic and tactical skills, with a high level of intellectual agility and capacity for original thought leadership; a clear ability to act as a change agent and professionally, and resourcefully, make an impact on the organization.
·           An enthusiastic, high-energy, and motivating leader who is visibly passionate and is capable of inspiring and galvanizing an organization.
·           A strong focus on execution. This individual must be strategic and creative, but strong execution capabilities are critical for success. An executive with the appropriate level of drive and “toughness” to effectively manage multiple demanding and critical projects in a fast-paced environment, ensuring that results and deadlines are achieved.
·           Outstandingknowledgeandsuccessfuluseofprovensalesprocessesandsolution selling strategies and methodologies.
·           A history of building, leading and retaining best-in-class sales teams; a leader who creates loyalty, trust and following by fostering a collaborative working environment. One who can energize people and teams, and make cross-functional operation happen. This individual must be highly respected by subordinates, peers, and superiors.
·           Highly entrepreneurial, with a high level of energy, dedication, and an unrelenting drive to succeed and win. Not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves.
·           Strong planning, financial and analytical skills; proven ability to apply these skills with deft business acumen to complex situations with competing priorities.
Undergraduate degree required in computer science or engineering, MBA preferred or equivalent additional experience.
A competitive compensation package commensurate with the position will be offered.