Strategic Marketing Intern

Washington, DC
QxBranch is seeking a strategic marketing intern to assist the executive team in developing and validating growth opportunities for the business. A background in computer science or a related field is desired combined with a strong interest in business strategy and marketing. This position is located in Washington DC, with opportunities to work remotely in some circumstances. Successful QxBranch interns are effective working in team environments, independently formulating and developing creative solutions, and regularly interacting with clients.

·    Contribute to the analysis of current business position and helping us scale the business, this may include:
-    Competitive, market and industry analyses
-    Assisting in business development activities
-    Trend reviews and analysis
-    Assessing market opportunities
-    Product definition and validation
·    Work on an internationally distributed team, with schedule flexibility
·    Formulate ideas for achieving business objectives with cost and schedule constraints
·    Continue learning, with a passion for both technical and professional growth

Education and experience requirements
·    Familiarity with data analytics, comptuer science or AI practices and technologies
·    Exposure to statistics, machine learning, or other areas related to data analytics
·    Currently completing an MBA program or similar

QxBranch maintains world-class skills in systems engineering, data analytics, and risk analysis across multiple domains. We provide our customers with data analytics as a service, assured software solutions, and identification and development of quantum computing applications. The company is a global leader in developing quantum computing software and algorithms.
QxBranch is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Hong Kong, London, and Adelaide. Our clients include investment banks, hedge funds, and aerospace & defense firms.