Cyber Security Analytics Program Lead

DC, NYC, or London
Advanced Data Analytics

QxBranch is seeking a cyber security expert with experience in advanced data analytics to join our team as the project lead for a team developing / deploying cyber risk models into international insurance activities.
The successful candidate will have demonstrated effectiveness in leading a team of software developers and regularly interacting with clients. Experience should include the equivalent of 7 years covering in cyber security practices, with a preference given to applicants who have experience in machine learning and other forms of data analysis.
Responsibilities include:
·       Ensure on-time delivery of complex analytics models for pricing cyber insurance
·       Lead effective development of capabilities that balance technical outcomes with affordability and schedule
·       Manage international technical team, providing leadership and mentorship and promoting a strong culture of excellence
·       Work with partners in insurance to align deliverables with business needs
·       Develop and maintain internal and external collaborative relationships
Education and Experience Requirements:
·        Bachelor of Science or higher in engineering, science, or mathematics, with specializations related to computer science preferred
·        Minimum equivalent of 7 years relevant industry experience
·        Cyber security practices and policies, including company best-practices, government regulations, and industry models
·        Offensive and defensive cyber security technologies, such as penetration testing, network flow monitoring, network security software, and exploit detection software
·        Cyber incident forensics and response, such as breach detection, log analysis, loss assessment, and remediation
Desired skills:
·        Data analytics tools and technologies, such as machine learning, statistical modeling, data mining, and natural language processing
·        Software engineering standards and practice
·        Agile and milestone-driven project management
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