Senior Product Manager

San Francisco / Remote
As you get started:
- Work with our customers & customer facing teams to identify with a mix of data & intuition the right features to drive adoption, increase usage, renewals, and upsells. 
- Work with engineering to design & implement customer facing features in an iterative fashion. As part of this, you’ll need to run the sprint cadence end to end -- from planning meetings, standups, retros, etc
- Deliver features to internal teams and the customer base with the proper documentation, training, support, etc and use analytics to measure performance which will be funneled back into the product development cycle. 

Longer term:
- Own the business objective and the achieving the outcome by executing product
- Deliver against the product roadmap and communicate tie features into our message, go to market strategy, and product strategy.
- Come up with innovative solutions that continue to drive outcomes for our customers.

Who you are

    • You have 5-8 years of Product Management experience, preferably with experience building & selling B2B products that target a technical buyer.
    • You can think strategically about a market and craft the right strategy to go after it. You are a strong critical thinker who feels comfortable pouring over analytics to make data-driven decisions, yet you don’t lose sight of the big picture. 
    • You are a communication-pro, you can articulate your vision and message to customers and internal partners alike. You are a great story-teller and wow audiences with your story telling.
    • You have been doing this a while and can teach us a thing or two about product management. You are organized and sweat the details. Most importantly, you have a growth mindset, and are willing to get your hands dirty, coach others and learn along the way.
Our values
We are intentional about culture, and these are the highest level ways we have come up with to describe how we work and interact. 

😇 No BS, No Ego We are radically candid with each other in every interaction. This means a lack of politics, a lack of showboating, a lack of BS. This also means brevity, clarity of thought, and clarity of communication. We give and take feedback without ego, with the knowledge that we all are operating with good intent. No ego is the check system to balance no BS and keep it kind. No ad-hominem attacks.

🐢 1% better every day Continuous improvement is what motivates us. We design our product, our organization and our careers to be continually improving. Mistakes are only bad if they are repeated. Experiments are only wasted if they are not learned from.

🛠 Own the journey We are all owners. We demand that of each other. The journey we own is threefold: our customers’ journey, our tribal journey and our personal journey. Our reason for existence is to nail our customer journey, so that we can scale our tribe’s success.