Training Product Lead

Corporate Innovation
The Corporate Innovation arm of Rainmaking are looking for our newest team member: someone to help lead the development of our digital and face to face learning programmes!

We specialise in taking employees and equipping them with the skills, process and structure to apply startup methodologies and build new ventures inside their organisations. 

Our curriculums cover core methodologies like Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile ways of working, Business Model Innovation (including using tools like the business model canvas), user journey mapping, sales and marketing, team dynamics.... the list is always growing as we find more new approaches which really deliver results.
The work is great fun and incredibly rewarding; watching people transform their mindset and entire way of working.

Key elements of the role: 
a) Help shape the strategy, roadmap and delivery of our digital learning suite
b) Quality assure training: you need to know what great training look like and build our in house capability to assess trainers and conduct QA to test new trainers to add to our network
b)  Workshop design: understand the complexity and dependency of program and curriculum design in order to tailor existing designs quickly where needed to specific client context without significant additional legwork 
c) Ensure amazing materials: creating and supporting other to create fantastic training materials materials to be shared before, during and after a workshop to ensure the attendees come ready, get the most out of the time and act on lessons learned
d) Impactful workshop delivery: able to deliver, or quickly learn to deliver, training in core areas such as “lean startup”,“business model canvas” and “customer development”
e) Design programmes and approaches that deliver measurable and sustainable impact for our clients.


    • Designing and running workshops on startup methodologies or approaches
    • Passion shown for new business model creation and corporate innovation 
    • First hand experience startup and/or corporate innovation
    • Delivered learning programmes with tangible and measurable impact

What skills/traits does this role require:

    • Excitement: to teach and help others learn
    • Exceptional Customer service: successfully build and manage relationships with key stakeholders
    • Resourcefulness: to adapt on the fly to changing conditions
    • Test and learn approach: not afraid of feedback and always looking for ways to level up the next workshop
    • Good translator: building the ability to translate from startup to corporate context and language
    • Collector & storyteller: great at capturing new stories from  both your own experience and others around you to retell when you need a teaching example
    • Not afraid to be authoritative: ability to flit between a 'coaching' type style to more instructive, but in a way that doesn't alienate or piss people off. 
    • Momentum creator: Injects energy and enthuses others about a topic they’ve just met
    • Codifier: the ability to make the complex simple; and to create a core that is easily and quickly adapted for new clients or workshops
    • Ask and trigger the right questions: always wants to understand and help others dig down to the “why” rather than just explaining the “what”

Transferrable skills you could develop and grow:

    • Product Management
    • Coaching
    • Workshop facilitation
    • Training & Presenting
    • Curriculum Design
    • Sales
    • Client Management
We are also looking to hire people who will help us build on our culture of #impactful #kind and #entrepreneurial Rainmakers.

To learn more about our culture and values- check out our culture book here!