Talent Acquisition & Engagement Freelance Opportunity


The Rainmaking Singapore office is currently growing with a number of new projects to be delivered in 2020 which will require hires from various profiles, both on a full-time and contract basis. Those profiles can more or less be assimilated to 2 archetypes: innovation strategy consultants and entrepreneurs in residence. In order to achieve its ambitious strategy and vision for the coming years, Rainmaking will heavily rely on the quality of its talent and therefore on its ability to attract and retain the right profiles for the jobs to be done while helping grow and sustain the company’s culture.

Rainmaking Singapore would like to ensure the talent strategy is coherent with the overall vision and is actionable given the local and structural constraints (e.g. visas, incentives that can be offered). As such, we are hiring a consultant on a project basis to help profile the target new hires, identify and validate appropriate acquisition channels to engage target hires, and define the strategy and tactics it should follow to attract and acquire a strong pipeline of candidates. 

Objectives of the Project

    • Profile target new hires given a range of skills, experience, cultural requirements and hiring constraints 
    • Define and model various incentive structures and guidelines that would be attractive to the right talent
    • Identify and validate appropriate acquisition channels
    • Define a talent acquisition strategy, tactics and next steps roadmap that Rainmaking should follow to create a strong pipeline of candidates


    • Project kickoff working session with Rainmaking APAC CEO & COO
    • Mid-point alignment to discuss and align on initial findings
    • Analysis and Recommendations Report including: (1) Detailed set of personas for target hires; (2) Data-backed recommendations on proposed incentive structures to attract and acquire target personas; (3) Proposed acquisition channels; (4) Talent lead generation strategy (incl. channels) for the next year to create and sustain talent pipeline; (5) Project wrap up working session with Rainmaking APAC CEO & COO

About You

    • Relevant experience leading strategy and talent acquisition & engagement projects
    • Has previously worked on shaping the human capital strategy of a services oriented company
    • Passionate about the future of work and innovative engagement models for talent
    • Understand the entrepreneurial landscape in which Rainmaking operates and the local challenges the company might face
    • High performer with demonstrable track record of high academic and professional achievement
    • A self-starter, with good communication skills and a structured mindset to approaching problem solving and meeting deadlines
    • Enthusiastic team player that loves working with different types of people in cross-functional teams
    • Sold on our unique culture focusing on three strong values: being entrepreneurial, being impactful and being kind. Read our culture book here https://rainmaking.io/RM_culturebook.pdf 

Estimated length of the project : 1 month
Budget : Applicants to quote
Location: Singapore
We will not sponsor for a visa for this assignment, candidate must have the authorisation to work with a Singapore entity

About Rainmaking 

At Rainmaking Innovation, our mission is to realise the massive entrepreneurial potential at the crossover between the corporate & startup worlds. We believe the greatest value can be unlocked by combining the scale strengths and deep domain knowledge of corporates with the entrepreneurial execution of startups. We bring our entrepreneurial experience and global network, to design and execute a balanced portfolio of innovation initiatives for corporates. 
We train teams with practical entrepreneurial skills. We help companies to meaningfully engage with startups. And, we partner to collaboratively build and launch new ventures, startup style. Rainmaking Innovation has partnered with over 65 Fortune 500 companies, delivering positive change through entrepreneurship and bringing startups and corporates together to build and scale new businesses. Rainmaking has 8 offices across the globe and has launched over 25 ventures employing over 400 people including the world’s largest industry focused accelerator programme, Startupbootcamp. We are a global team of 400+ entrepreneurs, strategists, product experts, developers, designers, and investors.