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Welcome to Zenith.

We’re building Zenith is a VR Massively Multiplayer Online Game that combines adrenaline pumping action adventure gameplay with a colorful open world. Think WoW meets Dark Souls, with an anime inspired, JRPG twist. 

Ramen VR is a small team of incredibly talented artists and engineers and now we’re looking to add a versatile Tech Artist to help bring Zenith to life! Use your multidisciplinary skills to help us optimize Zenith for a successful launch on the Oculus Quest and other standalone VR platforms. The ideal candidate is someone with heavy technical experience with VR ports that can help us bridge the technical gap between art and engineering, with a focus on graphics and asset optimization.

This is a full time contract role that will last for 6 months.


    • Optimize art assets and game builds for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2
    • Create tools and optimize art pipelines, and establish best practices for importing models, animations, and rigging
    • Create and maintain animator controllers, animations, and blend trees for dynamic AI driven NPC move sets 
    • Analyze game performance and memory allocation and come up with solutions to help us hit framerate.
    • Help reduce costs by developing innovative methods to save time on rigging, skinning, and modeling.
    • Design character customization system for swapping inventory items efficiently and cheaply
    • Optimize and create dynamic, static lighting, VFX, and Shaders


    • 3 - 5 years of Technical Art experience
    • Expert level Unity Engine experience, especially with animation
    • Experience working on optimizing VR Platforms
    • Programming knowledge in CG/HLSL and C#
    • GPU, CPU, and Memory profiling in Unity and using the Snapdragon Profiler for mobile devices or standalone VR.
    • Experience Universal and Lightweight Render Pipelines in Unity.


    • Gameplay engineering and network optimization experience.
    • Strong core math skills, especially linear algebra and shader math.
    • Interested in startups, or building a small studio from the ground up. (You’ll wear a lot of hats!)
About Ramen VR

Have you heard of Ready Player One?  Well, we're building it for real people: 

We're building the next reality featuring an infinite universe where millions of people can build new lives together in a gorgeous, cyberpunk and inspired world. We're starting with Zenith, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game that is cross platform for VR, desktop, and console. 

Ramen VR was started in early 2019 in the Bay Area by Andy and Lauren, gaming tech engineers with decades of combined experience at Google, Unity, OpenFeint, and some very successful mobile and social games.

We're funded by some of the best investors and gaming entrepreneurs in the world including YCombinator, The Makers Fund, Twitch COO Kevin Lin, and Kabam Cofounder Holly Liu and also the most successful VR Gaming Kickstarter of all time.

We believe great games change the world for the better. Great games inspire creativity, teach grit, and most importantly, build community.

Why Work At Ramen VR?

Create the next reality
Every startup claims they are changing the world. How often do you find one that's building an entirely new reality? Also, we're such a small team, that you'll be working from and learning directly from the founders every day.

We Love Games
Have a favorite game coming out? Take a day off on launch day. We'll even buy you the deluxe version of the game. Play the game, and just do a short write-up to teach us what you learned. Want to attend PAX or E3? Once a year, we'll schedule a corporate trip for anyone who wants to go and hang out, while working together.

Work Remotely
Need to walk the dog, take care of your kids, or just want to live where you are? Work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Company Game Jams
About once per quarter, travel somewhere in the world with us, and live in a big house together for a week, all expenses paid. Spend time working , playing games, exploring a new country, and growing together.