Intermediate Android Developer

[CO] MedellΓ­n
Engineering & Product – (tech) Android
Rappi is the game changer startup for last mile delivery in Latam

With more than 100K orders daily, we are making easy our customers lives by offering all the services available in their cities and delivering it in less than 30 minutes πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Rappi will provide you a daily challenges in new technologies, tools, and business requirements to move the needle.

Must have

    • Android basic components (Activity, Fragment, Intent, Service, BroadcastReceiver, ContentProvider)
    • Basic UI components (mostly from Material Design)Toolbar, ViewPager, RecyclerView, CardView, Floating Action Button, Navigation Drawer, BottomBar, CoordinatorLayout
    • Build tools Gradle 
    • Most popular libraries: Support library, Google Play Services, Retrofit,  rxJava, rxAndroid, Dagger
    • Android Architecture
    • Kotlin (must have)
    • Agile mythologies
    • React
    • Java2
    • Dagger
    • MVP/MVVM
    • Unit Test
    • Experience writing multi-threaded applications.
    • Have published one or more Android apps in the app store.


    • Develop and deliver new product features for our Android application
    • Improve engineering processes and tools to increase team effectiveness
    • Work across both technical and business focused teams to deliver value to our users
    • Review pull request of others
    • Deploy Beta versions for testing and work closely with QAs
    • Deploy final versions to Google Play Store
    • Measuring UI/App performance, especially around UI response time and network use (

Our Values


This are our Core Values. Things that are truly in our DNA. The behaviors and mental habits that have made us what we are. They are what make us special as a team and what all of you guys share. Please tell me if you feel at home when you read them.

1. Highly ambitious for the greater good, not for ourselves.
(Great ambition and personal humility) πŸ™

2. Beauty makes people smile, so it’s not optional 😊

3. 🏎️ 🏎️ 🏎️ Talk fast,  walk fast, think fast. And execute things in parallel 🀯 🀯 🀯

4. Move the needle. (Prioritize) Every challenge is a gift and an opportunity 🧭

5. We never complain, we act. We use our curiosity to fix things πŸ’ͺ

6. We deliver magic πŸ€“ And magic only happens when you jump off a cliff πŸš€

7. We value diversity, we deeply respect everyone and have fun with each other 🌈

We wrote them in english just because they sound better...  
and because we see ourselves as a global company 🌎

Some interesting news about us: