Senior Product Designer

San Francisco
About Raven Black

What turns a minor skirmish into a major war? How does a natural disaster become a humanitarian crisis? 

Often, its poor decision-making caused by incomplete or inaccurate information, causing miscalculations, missed opportunities, and accidental escalations. That lack of knowledge and the uncertainty it causes is called "the fog of war."

Raven Black's platform combines scalable data infrastructure, machine learning, and visualization tools to connect hundreds of data sources from throughout the Department of Defense into a single, accurate picture. Its purpose is to lift the fog.

Raven Black has raised $4.5M from top tier VCs, including Accel, and has generated over $3.9M in revenue.

What You'll Do

Every second counts for Raven Black's users, who have mere moments to make life and death decisions. They use Raven Black to understand dozens of simultaneous data streams in real-time. Our UI needs to convey not only large volumes of geospatial data but also the output of multiple machine learning models and historical patterns.

You will go beyond just HTML/CSS/React and design for WebGL combining 2D UI elements with high-performance 3D visualization. Raven Black is a pro-tool, so you will focus on extremely efficient workflows for power-users.

In the end, your designs will be filling critical national security needs.

Skills We Are Looking For

    • 3+ years of experience in UX, UI, interaction design, or a similar role with a track record of innovation
    • A solid foundation in design and interaction theory, an analytical style, and the ability to clearly communicate why you made a design decision
    • A strong desire to connect with our unique user base, understand their requirements, and design systems that support their needs
    • Ability to rapidly create wireframes, mockups, and functioning prototypes of complex systems using whichever tools you are most familiar with
    • The desire to be part of a small team where you can have an outsized impact on solving truly important problems
    • Bonus Skills: 3D design, perhaps from the video game industry. Geospatial data visualization. 
Not sure if this is you?

We are very interested in having a diverse team, with a broad set of skills, experiences, and viewpoints. If this seems like your dream job, but you're not sure if you qualify, please apply!

Raven Black is not interested in contracting with consultants, external development services, or unsolicited recruiters for this role.