Staff/Principal/Lead Data Scientist

Los Angeles /
Data Science /
Raya is looking for a lead level data scientist who will help make our member experience extremely personalized and delightful with powerful data driven insights.

The ideal candidate will have had 3 or 4 years of experience at at least one company and grown within the organization, demonstrating both loyalty and leadership. You will join the data science team at the very early stages of the company as our first data scientist and will have all the excitement and accountability that comes from joining a fast growing, well funded, Los Angeles startup (we think it's the best opportunity in LA - check our why us page). You like to answer board open questions like "what caused the spike in membership growth this week. Our team is made up of the founder and ios lead of Flipagram, the third designer at Facebook and the PM who launched the Like button, and one of the first six engineers at Venmo. We prioritize learning and teamwork and love giving people the opportunity to champion big challenges and grow into better versions of themselves. A great candidate is excited to support the product and engineering team's initiatives in member recommendations and personalization across messaging, people recommendations, events and places. You also believe in Raya’s vision, which is to enrich lives by fostering relationships through quality, in person interactions.


    • Degree in quantitative field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Machine Learning, AI, Statistics, or equivalent)
    • 2 years of experience working in data science support teams working on recommendations, relationships, or connecting people to one another
    • Ability to distill informal customer requirements into problem definitions, dealing with ambiguity and competing objectives
    • Excellent capability working and manipulating data and developing software application in programming languages such as Python
    • Good communication skills with both technical and business people
    • Experience designing/implementing machine learning algorithms tailored to particular business needs and tested on large datasets
    • Experience in data mining and using databases in a business environment with large-scale, complex datasets.
    • Strong SQL and NoSQL foundations
    • Superior verbal and written communication and presentation skills, ability to convey rigorous mathematical concepts and considerations to non-experts.