Growth Engineer

San Francisco, California /
Marketing /
More than half of all new televisions are being sold to businesses.
But to use them, businesses either need to improvise (think Chromecast and an old Android, or a DVD player playing on loop) or spend tens of thousands of dollars on racks of hardware and bespoke software. Yes, it's really that bad.

But it's easy with Raydiant.
At Raydiant, our hardware and cloud software unlocks the power these displays by making it easy to display media (like video or music), information (like menus or flyers), and interactive content (like teleconferencing or whiteboards) at a price that any business can afford.

We're growing like crazy and we need your help.
Founded in April 2017, Raydiant enjoys support and financial backing from top strategic and technology investors, including Bloomberg, Inc., Transmedia Capital, 8VC, Atomic VC, and Ron Conway. Our customers include Wahlburgers, Chick-fil-A, Harvard University, the Dallas Mavericks, CiCi’s Pizza, and Westin. Our team consists of seasoned engineers and executives with deep backgrounds in relevant industries.

Objectives of this Role
We’re looking for an engineer who is comfortable jumping around the tech stack to properly integrate our systems with third-party tools and analytics frameworks while being comfortable communicating with stakeholders.

Are you a fit?
* You care about results, love experimentation, and are giddy when you see a graph go up and to the right
* You like digital marketing and operations, leveraging domain expertise in digital marketing best practices; you are a problem solver with everything you develop to improve our site experience and drive customer action
* You enjoy optimizing funnels to drive customers to a goal, and then connect them into e-commerce, operations and sales systems to ship products to them with tracking
* You have 4+ years experience as a software engineer
* You have strong Javascript and Python skills
* You have experience with e-commerce platforms like Chargebee and Shopify and Magento, tying them into sales systems like Salesforce and financial backends, occasionally using integration tools like Zapier
* You have experience with Wordpress
* You have integrated a variety of tools to measure, analyze, or visualize online acquisition channels; you are experienced with Google Analytics, Facebook audiences, Google Ads audiences, and instrumentation systems such as Segment
* You have significant git fu and can explain what cherry-picking is
* You thrive working with a diverse, cross-functional team (engineering, marketing, sales, and business operations folks), and can manage a project plan in order to communicate progress and deliver solutions

What You'll Be Doing
* Improve Raydiant's conversion rate on key customer goals and KPIs
* Jointly own the elements of our tech stack that drive our customer acquisition efforts, including Segment, GA, the data warehouse, GTM/Facebook audience management
* Work with the Growth team to determine which tools are best-suited for our needs and tech stack
* Collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to determine the best way to integrate new tools with our existing systems, such as Segment Personas
* Execute integrations and provide support for anyone using our digital marketing tools
* Work within our exquisitely tuned Trello-based weekly sprint cycle, closing out cards, giving demos, and merging into the promotion pipeline for deployment
* Improve conversion rates and drive growth through A/B testing using Google Optimize
* Selecting appropriate segments for key marketing messages in Mailchimp, while ensuring those messages are properly instrumented with UTM parameters to help conversion

Bonus Points
* You know ES7, React and Redux
* Experience working with Pandas
* Experience working with APIs using Python/Node
* Solid HTML/CSS skills
* You can show us some production-ready work on your GitHub account