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More than half of all new televisions are being sold to businesses.
But to use them, businesses either need to improvise (think Chromecast and an old Android, or a DVD player playing on loop) or spend tens of thousands of dollars on racks of hardware and bespoke software. Yes, it's really that bad.

But it's easy with Raydiant.
At Raydiant, our hardware and cloud software unlocks the power these displays by making it easy to display media (like video or music), information (like menus or flyers), and interactive content (like teleconferencing or whiteboards) at a price that any business can afford.

We're growing like crazy and we need your help.
Founded in April 2017, Raydiant enjoys support and financial backing from top strategic and technology investors, including Bloomberg, Inc., Transmedia Capital, 8VC, Atomic VC, and Ron Conway. Our customers include Wahlburgers, Chick-fil-A, Harvard University, the Dallas Mavericks, CiCi’s Pizza, and Westin. Our team consists of seasoned engineers and executives with deep backgrounds in relevant industries.

Objectives of this Role
We’re looking for an engineer who is comfortable jumping around the tech stack to properly integrate our systems with third-party tools and analytics frameworks while being comfortable communicating with stakeholders.

Are you a fit?
      You get excited about the future of brick and mortar businesses
      You have 4+ years of experience in product development
      You have experience working with or designing scalable enterprise software products
      You have excellent written and oral communication skills to communicate with team members, other departments, executives and existing and prospective customers of the Raydiant
      You have superior project management and interpersonal skills
      You are detail oriented and are able to multitask and work well under pressure
      You have sincere empathy for the customer and a commitment to delving deep into the challenges they present or experience
      You have a natural tendency to be curious, positive and creative
      You are a team player who collaborates well with others

What You'll Be Doing
      Collaborate with product and engineering team to design and develop new products for Raydiant’s enterprise, brick and mortar customers
      Collaborate with executive team and engineering to define roadmap and schedule for releasing enterprise products
      Use market research and interviews to get ideas for products that Raydiant customers will want
      Helping to oversee the design and development and planning how to market and promote the product to the public
      Outlining product communication objectives for the marketing team
      Comparing the company's products to competitor's products in order to assess competition in the market    
      Providing executive team with analyses and reports and responding to questions and requests from sales and management
      Specifying and overseeing the research needed to determine the needs and desires of customers
      Work with operations team to advise on inventory levels and product schedules to maintain product availability

Bonus Points
      Previous experience working with or working in brick & mortar businesses, including retail, food and beverage, hospitality, etc.