Fidelity RESUME Program

Return-to-work Program (full-time)
Thank you for taking the time to apply to Fidelity's RESUME program! We are always looking for outstanding talent and especially value the referrals we receive from the Fidelity family.

About the RESUME Program:
The RESUME Program is a paid 26-week return-to-work program run in partnership with reacHIRE designed for professionals returning to the workforce after a career break. The program is designed for people who have taken a 2+ year career break and it is a cohort-based model that allows individuals to re-enter the workforce in a supported way with a group of fellow returning professionals. We provide a 1-week intensive onboarding specially designed to build the skills one needs to successfully re-enter the workforce. This proven approach fosters camaraderie among colleagues, builds confidence and upgrades technology and professional skills that will be invaluable throughout this next phase of their career.

Successful applicants will have the chance to work at one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, side-by-side with the best professionals in the industry doing real and meaningful work that directly impacts Fidelity’s business and its customers, all while sharpening their skills, acquiring experience, and areas of interest.  They will also engage with senior leaders, receive mentorship from other Fidelity RESUME Program alums, and connect with members of Fidelity's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). At the end of the program, candidates may be eligible for full-time or extended contracting work at Fidelity but this is not guaranteed.

The RESUME program is looking for Resumers in the following locations
Boston, MA
Smithfield, RI
Manchester, NH
Covington, KY
Westlake, TX
Research Triangle Park, NC

We recruit candidates with a variety of different skills and backgrounds into a cohort and based on the needs of the business and the strengths of the candidates, the internal team finds the best fit.

We are looking for Resumers with the following areas of focus:
Systems/Business Analysts
Project Managers
Software Developers
QA Engineer
Compliance/Risk Analysts
Client Services
Product Analysts
Workplace Investing - Sales Executive

About reacHIRE:
reacHIRE is changing the trajectory for women in the workplace by partnering with forward-thinking companies to create environments where women thrive, advance, lead and stay.

Through gender diversity returnship programs and custom cohorts tailored to meet a company's unique culture and business needs, reacHIRE delivers the highest retention rate of any return-to-work program. We use proprietary training and support tools to carefully select and prepare top female talent who voluntarily off-ramped and are ready to on-ramp into a defined returnship or permanent role, or transition their skills into new areas.

We are proud to work with companies who appreciate the skills, perspective, loyalty and leadership of professional women passionate about bringing their experience, knowledge and drive to today’s biggest business challenges.