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ReadySet is building a world-class infrastructure community. We believe that ReadySet is the very best place to build great communities and we want to ensure we can provide the very best support, guidance, and engagement to help our communities be successful. This will involve engagement in workflow, product, outreach, events, and more.

ReadySet provides a MySQL and Postgres wire compatible plug-and-play middleware layer that adaptively scales read access to an underlying primary database without requiring any code changes. With ReadySet, developers get the low latencies of a highly-optimized custom caching system, the high query throughputs of read replicas, and the straightforward developer experience of using a single relational database. ReadySet can be slotted in front of a single machine and used locally, or it can be deployed globally as the world’s first data CDN. 

As DevRel Lead, you will lead, coordinate, and manage our global community development initiatives. You will use your community leadership experience to shape our community experience and infrastructure, feed into the product roadmap with community needs and requirements, build growth and engagement, and more. You will help connect, celebrate, and amplify the community and company work and assist new communities as they form. You will help our users to think bigger, be the best they can be, and succeed more. You’ll work across teams within ReadySet to promote the community’s voice within our different internal teams. You should be a content expert, superb communicator, and humble facilitator.

What You Will Do

    • Building and executing programs that grow our community and empower contributors to do great work.
    • Taking a structured approach to community roles, on-boarding, and working with our teams to ensure community members have a simple and powerful experience.
    • Developing content that promotes the longevity and sustainability of fast growing, organically built communities with high impact outcomes.
    • Competitive analysis to assess how we can always lead the industry with powerful, engaged, thoughtful, and surprising community engagement and strategy.
    • Building relationships within the industry and community to be their representative for our work in helping to engage, be successful, and deliver great work and collaboration.
    • Working with product, engineering, and marketing teams on product roadmaps for community features and needs.
    • Being active in other communities and platforms to help foster collaboration and relationships with other communities and organizations.
    • Being a ReadySet representative and spokesperson at conferences, events, and within the media and external communities.
    • Always challenging our assumptions, our culture, and being singularly focused on delivering the very best communication and collaboration platform in the world.
    • Running powerful social media, events, and other outward facing efforts that will grow our customer, community, and user base.

Required Experience

    • 5 or more years of experience participating in and building communities, preferably open source or technical in nature.
    • Experience with working in open source and other online communities.
    • Public speaking, blogging, and content development.
    • Facilitating complex and sensitive community management situations with humility, judgment, tact, and humor.
    • Integrating company brand, voice, and messaging into developed content.
    • Working independently and autonomously, managing multiple competing priorities.

Preferred Experience

    • Experience leading community management programs within a software or Internet-based company and/or as a volunteer.
    • Media training and experience in communicating with journalists, bloggers, and other media on a range of technical topics.
    • Existing network from a diverse set of communities and social media platforms.
    • Software development capabilities and experience.
Our Values 

Continuous learning and growth 
ReadySet is based on research out of MIT. We work on cutting-edge problems in distributed systems, host regular educational seminars from both internal and external speakers, and attend conferences to interact with the community at large. We are committed to enabling every one of our team members to continue to learn and grow. 

Emphasis on teamwork with a safe environment to fail
Our team works closely together to solve some of the hardest, most interesting problems in distributed systems. We prioritize building a culture that fosters a safe environment to learn and fail– our team members are never afraid to discuss challenges or ask for help. 

Diversity and inclusion
ReadySet is a fully-remote company that offers flexible work hours to any team member regardless of location. This enables us to work with the most talented, diverse group of people from around the world.

Our Benefits

PTO & Parental Leave 
We offer unlimited PTO with minimum vacation recommendations and encourage our team members to take time off whenever they need it. We also offer 90 days of paid parental leave.

Game nights, educational-seminars, on-sites, and engagement with the community at large
We make time for our remote team to learn together and have fun together even if we are oceans away. We have weekly virtual game nights (or mornings/afternoons, depending on where you are in the world!), an internal educational seminar series, in-person onsite events a few times a year, and actively encourage participation at research and OSS conferences and events. 
We also offer co-working spaces, premium U.S. healthcare, and more!