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About ReadySet

At ReadySet, we’re building a distributed SQL cache that precomputes the results of prepared statements (i.e. parameterized SQL queries) and incrementally updates these results over time as the underlying data in your database changes.

ReadySet is wire-compatible with MySQL and Postgres, so it can be integrated with your existing application without code or database changes– ReadySet makes it easy for developers to build performant web, analytical, and internal applications regardless of whether they’re deployed to a single region or around the world. 

We’re looking for people who are excited about exploring and productionizing the frontier of distributed systems and DB research to join our international, fully-remote team. You’d be a great fit at ReadySet if you're excited to build data infrastructure that makes modern read-heavy applications faster, simpler, and easier to deploy.

About this role

We’re looking for a developer advocate to join the team. In this role, you'll attract and engage developers and help them get maximal value from using ReadySet. 

You'll serve as a subject matter expert on ReadySet in conversations with our users, create useful content about both ReadySet’s product and the space at large, and act as ReadySet’s ambassador at developer-focused events. Internally, you’ll influence the product roadmap and sales process by using your learnings from user conversations.

In a regular week, you’ll create blog posts, tutorials, and presentations that will help developers better understand ReadySet’s use cases and how they could apply ReadySet to their own projects. You’ll share the content you’ve created in target developer communities, answer questions that people may have, and help spread the word about ReadySet. You will be a key leader in engaging our audience and bootstrapping ReadySet’s community, and we’ll count on you to help advocate for developers during product discussions and sales strategy conversations.

In order to further develop the ReadySet community, you’ll also organize and attend developer-centric events. This will include coordinating hackathons, workshops, and meetups; and speaking on behalf of ReadySet at conferences or trade shows.  

You may be a good fit if you have...

- 2+ years experience in systems programming (Rust preferred, but Go, C, C++...etc are good as well)
- 2+ years experience in web and/or mobile development
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills with experience creating content that targets a technical audience (e.g. blog posts, streams, tutorials, documentation, etc)
- Ability to manage multiple ongoing projects at once
- Experience or interest in working in an early-stage startup environment
- A degree in Computer Science or a related field, or similar work experience

Our values 

Continuous learning and growth 
ReadySet is based on research out of MIT. We work on cutting-edge problems in distributed systems, host regular educational seminars from both internal and external speakers, and attend conferences to interact with the community at large. We're committed to enabling every one of our team members to continue to learn and grow. 

Emphasis on teamwork with a safe environment to fail 
Our team works closely together to solve some of the hardest, most interesting problems in distributed systems. We prioritize building a culture that fosters a safe environment to learn and fail– our team members are never afraid to discuss challenges or ask for help. 

Diversity and inclusion
ReadySet is a fully-remote company that offers flexible work hours to any team member regardless of location. This enables us to work with the most talented, diverse group of people from around the world.


PTO & Parental Leave 
We offer unlimited PTO with minimum vacation recommendations and encourage our team members to take time off whenever they need it. We also offer 90 days of paid parental leave.

Game nights, educational-seminars, on-sites, and engagement with the community at large
We make time for our remote team to learn together and have fun together even if we are oceans away. We have weekly virtual game nights (or mornings/afternoons, depending on where you are in the world!), an internal educational seminar series, in-person onsite events a few times a year, and actively encourage participation at research and OSS conferences and events. 

We also offer co-working spaces, premium U.S. healthcare, and more!