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About ReadySet
At ReadySet, we’re building a distributed SQL cache that precomputes the results of prepared statements (i.e. parameterized SQL queries) and incrementally updates these results over time as the underlying data in your database changes.

ReadySet is wire-compatible with MySQL and Postgres, so it can be integrated with your existing application without code or database changes– ReadySet makes it easy for developers to build performant web, analytical, and internal applications regardless of whether they’re deployed to a single region or around the world. 

We’re looking for people who are excited about exploring and productionizing the frontier of distributed systems and DB research to join our international, fully-remote team. You’d be a great fit at ReadySet if you're excited to build data infrastructure that makes modern read-heavy applications faster, simpler, and easier to deploy.

About this role
We’re looking for product managers who are excited to help others build fast, personalized, and highly-interactive applications that delight their end-users. In this role, you’ll interface closely with the CEO, engineering team, and marketing team and flex across user research, strategy, roadmap planning, interaction design, and marketing. 

As ReadySet’s first PM, you’ll have the opportunity to influence the product culture within the company and will help to scale the function as the team continues to grow. In your day-to-day work, you’ll help research, define, and prioritize new features and communicate the resulting product requirements to relevant stakeholders. You’ll also collaborate with the marketing team to help raise awareness about the product’s capabilities. 

You would be a good fit if you have...
- A high technical acumen and experience designing for complex problems and tools (bonus for having designed data or developer-oriented products).
- First hand experience in building data-intensive applications with stringent performance requirements and that would benefit from caching.
- Experience in owning projects from start to finish, shipping at a high quality.
- A love for fast-paced environments.
- A tendency to self-direct and lean on your own prioritization methods to get your work done.
- A desire to proactively seek out qualitative and quantitative insights to inform and improve your decisions.