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Build Next-Gen Data Systems at ReadySet 

Scaling data-driven applications is a complex, resource-intensive process prone to technical debt, failures, and outages.  At ReadySet, we’re building a data distribution layer based on state-of-the-art research from MIT that fuses together ideas from traditional databases and caching systems to solve this database read performance problem at scale. ReadySet makes it easy for developers to build performant web, analytical, and internal applications regardless of whether they are deployed in a single region or around the world. 

ReadySet provides a MySQL and Postgres wire compatible plug-and-play middleware layer that adaptively scales read access to an underlying primary database without requiring any code changes. With ReadySet, developers get the low latencies of a highly-optimized custom caching system, the high query throughputs of read replicas, and the straightforward developer experience of using a single relational database. ReadySet can be slotted in front of a single machine and used locally, or it can be deployed globally as the world’s first data CDN. 

We’re looking for people who are excited about exploring and productionizing the frontier of distributed systems and DB research to join our international, fully-remote team. You’d be a great fit at ReadySet if you are excited to create critical data infrastructure that makes modern applications faster, simpler, and easier to deploy, and are enthusiastic about contributing to and steering the design of a large and ambitious codebase written in Rust. 


Continuous learning and growth 
ReadySet is based on research out of MIT. We work on cutting-edge problems in distributed systems, host regular educational seminars from both internal and external speakers, and attend conferences to interact with the community at large. We are committed to enabling every one of our team members to continue to learn and grow. 

Emphasis on teamwork with a safe environment to fail 
Our team works closely together to solve some of the hardest, most interesting problems in distributed systems. We prioritize building a culture that fosters a safe environment to learn and fail– our team members are never afraid to discuss challenges or ask for help. 

Diversity and inclusion
ReadySet is a fully-remote company that offers flexible work hours to any team member regardless of location. This enables us to work with the most talented, diverse group of people from around the world.


PTO & Parental Leave 
We offer unlimited PTO with minimum vacation recommendations and encourage our team members to take time off whenever they need it. We also offer 90 days of paid parental leave.

Game nights, educational-seminars, on-sites, and engagement with the community at large
We make time for our remote team to learn together and have fun together even if we are oceans away. We have weekly virtual game nights (or mornings/afternoons, depending on where you are in the world!), an internal educational seminar series, in-person onsite events a few times a year, and actively encourage participation at research and OSS conferences and events. 

We also offer co-working spaces, premium U.S. healthcare, and more!


For our dataflow engine software engineer role, we’re looking for people who are excited about distributed systems, databases, and operating systems and are looking to continue to expand their depth of knowledge in these fields. ReadySet is a Rust shop, and so ideal candidates would also be interested in becoming experts in writing industrial-grade software in a modern systems programming language that was deemed most beloved by StackOverflow developer surveys for 6 years in a row. In your day-to-day, you’ll scope out and solve complex technical problems, write and give feedback on design documents, and hone your skills as a systems programmer.