Frontend Engineer (ReactJS)

Engineering – Experience Optimization
Full Time
At Redox we simplify the complexities in healthcare. We are looking for someone who has the desire to do the same for user interfaces, make the complex simple. We are looking for someone who is thoughtful and finds great reward in knowing that we are all patients, and we are striving to reduce friction in healthcare. You will be able to leverage your passion and skills in frontend web development to illuminate our value into simple, useful, and clear user interfaces.

What makes you a good fit:

    • You approach problems with curiosity and consider tradeoffs when designing solutions.
    • You think deeply about what makes a usable UI and rely on industry established patterns.
    • You can identify UI/UX problems before they occurs and can collaborate closely with other team members to find a solution.
    • You are a team player and can roll up your sleeves to work in areas outside of your expertise, if needed. 
    • You have experience with TypeScript & ReactJS.
    • You have a solid understanding of state management and building reusable components for a large application or multiple applications.
    • You have experience in writing unit, integration and E2E tests.
    • You have experience in Cross-browser development and troubleshooting.
    • You have experience using APIs and a solid understanding of HTTP and REST architecture.
    • You have experience with HTML & Sass/Less CSS pre-processors.
    • You have experience working with code versioning software such as GIT.

What working at Redox would look like for you:

    • Help us find success in completing a migration from AngularJS to a modern React stack.
    • Work collaboratively with a product owner on a cross-functional agile team to bring new features to life.
    • Be able to make a decision and see your direct impact.
    • Your opinions will matter; you will be able to influence everything from how we work to how our user interfaces are designed. 
    • You care about educating yourself and those around you.
    • Work on high impact projects and features that bring direct value to our customers. 
    • Work in a strong remote-first culture.
    • Work with others who are mission-driven and strive to make healthcare data useful.
    • You will have the opportunity to work with all parts of the stack and contribute to broader discussions within the organization.

Additional skills and experiences that are not required but we’d find interesting:

    • Node & ExpressJS 
    • Webpack
    • Service Workers
    • GraphQL
    • Creating wireframes and mockups prototypes
    • Conducting formal or informal user interviews to improve features 

    • Please still apply if you do not have the above mentioned skills or experiences
What we value and how we interview:

We are comprised of diverse backgrounds (gender, education, sexual orientation, age, parents) all striving to make healthcare data useful. Our interview process is designed to reduce biases and allow you to shine. Our interviews are not about reciting esoteric javascript knowledge or seeing how fast you whiteboard a solution. We value understanding how people work, work with others, communicate, and think through complex problems. As you move through our hiring process you will meet people of many backgrounds; we’ll keep you informed along the way.

About Redox:

What We Do
Healthcare organizations and technology vendors connect to Redox once, then authorize what data they send to and receive from partners through a centralized hub. Redox's cloud-based platform is vendor and standards agnostic and enables the secure and efficient exchange of healthcare data.

This approach eradicates the need for point-to-point integrations and accelerates the discovery, adoption, and distribution of patient and provider-facing technology solutions. With hundreds of healthcare organizations and technology vendors exchanging data today, Redox represents the largest interoperable network in healthcare. Learn how you can leverage the Redox platform at

Other Stuff About Us
Redox is an EEO company. We fully support the diversity of our team! Here's a recent blog post about our stance on diversity and belonging: Diversity at Redox

We believe in holding ourselves to a high standard of conduct. Here's how we think about this: Redox Code of Conduct

Successful candidates must be eligible to be employed in the US, and must reside in the US.

Thank you for your interest in Redox!