Montreal, Quebec
Video game – Animation
Reflector Entertainment is a totally new breed of studio committed to creating next-generation content for audiences around the globe. Reflector’s mission is to create Storyworlds: transmedia universes built from the ground up, releasing new and exciting narratives along a consistent schedule and across a wide variety of platforms. The platforms vary per Storyworld and can be PC/consoles/mobile video games, live immersive experiences, comic books, novels, television series, films, podcasts, etc. 
Our team is quickly growing, and we are currently looking for AAA talent that will drive our ambitious, large scale projects. 

As an Animator, you will be responsible for the quality and content of the animations and the functionality of the gameplay systems.


    • Collaborate with the Animation Director, Engineering and Design teams to help define the projects animation style and benchmarks, by participating in prototypes and previsualizations;
    • Assist in animation system design;
    • Create compelling animations, cinematic character performances and Ai with intention, utilizing both key framed and motion capture techniques, to compliment the game design, user experience, and promote the artistic vision of the game;
    • Be proactive in identifying animation related issues and assist in problem solving;
    • Respect the delivery deadlines of the project;
    • Communicate progress updates to the Animation Director and other departments.


    • College diploma in 3D Animation, or equivalent training or experience;
    • Minimum three (3) years of relevant experience as an Gameplay\Ai Animator in the videogame industry;
    • Shipped at least 1 game as a Gameplay\Ai Animator, on a ‘AAA’ console title; having participated from production through the debug period;
    • Solid knowledge of animation software such as 3Ds Max or Maya;
    • Familiar with pose to pose keyframe animation and motion capture editing;
    • Excellent understanding of animation principles and human biomechanics;
    • Expertise with animation pipelines, being able to take an animation from conception to creation, integration, debug, and polish;
    • Experience working with state machines in game engines and creating animation state-graphs;
    • Good knowledge of visual language related to film and image composition;
    • High-level understanding of user experience and animations role in a game project;
    • Solid understanding of the human anatomy;
    • Be flexible and open-minded;
    • Excellent problem-solver;
    • Adapt easily to change;
    • Good working knowledge of various departmental terminology related to video games including animation, game design, and programming;
    • Excellent communication skills in English and French (both oral and written).

    • ***Please provide a demo reel with your application***