Product Manager

Product – Product (London)
Full time
REKKI is an app that makes ordering between independent restaurants and suppliers easier, more efficient and more accountable. We see it as our duty to reimagine the supply chain for the food industry. We believe independent restaurants are fundamental to society - they provide a space to connect and actually talk to each other - and we work to make them sustainable businesses. 

We are obsessed with the people who work to feed us. As a team, we spend a lot of time with people in the food industry, eating their food and listening to their stories. We love the grit and determination, the sweat, the wild stories, and the banter they have to share. These people work tirelessly so that others can indulge in experiences and expand their horizons. We build REKKI for them.

The role

You will work with developers, designers, data scientists and researchers on building a product in a market that has been screaming for attention, make a real, tangible difference to the life of food suppliers across the globe while collaborating heavily with other product managers across the business to build a solid and unified vision for all REKKI products.

What will I be doing?

    • Deeply understanding our users and building the best possible product for them 
    • Owning the product evolution, metrics and roadmap within a vertical
    • Working with a cross-functional team to ship impactful solutions to user problems
    • Communicating releases and changes to relevant stakeholders
    • Sharing product and customer insights across the company
    • Triaging issues and prioritising them accordingly
    • Establishing team’s OKRs and reporting back on progress  

What skills do I need?

    • Have 3+ years professional experience as a product manager
    • Enjoy talking to users and are hungry for impact 
    • Feel comfortable dealing with uncertainty by breaking problems down
    • Have worked with cross-functional teams before 
    • Have used quantitative and qualitative data to build solutions, and are familiar with the scientific method (hypothesis testing)
    • Product-managed mobile apps before and are familiar with what it entails (e.g. release processes)
    • Have solid organisational skills to deliver solutions with your team
    • Are keen to understand technical tradeoffs, and short vs. long-term decisions
Why Join REKKI?

We lead by example and work closely with our users to understand their needs. We think long-term but are confident in making short-term moves when they make the most sense. Working as a team, we deliver products that serve a purpose and earn their place in kitchens and businesses around the world.

Also note: If this job interests you but you aren’t certain if you meet all of the requirements, apply anyway!