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What is Renegade?
Renegade is building an unstoppable network for the anonymous exchange of value. Our core permissionless protocol, the Renegade dark pool, solves many problems in current decentralized exchange design: front-running, quote fading, copy trading, toxicity discrimination, and fragmented liquidity.

Based on zero-knowledge and multi-party cryptography, Renegade allows for complete trade privacy during the entire trade lifecycle. Zero information about orders, balances, past trade history, or collateral values can leak to third-parties, allowing for strong anonymity guarantees and best execution for large whale traders.

Dark pools are well-understood pieces of traditional finance market structure, accounting for 20-40% of TradFi equities volume. We are building the crypto-native analog of dark pools.

Renegade is a seed-stage startup backed by some of the best crypto investors, including Naval Ravikant, Dragonfly Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, Tarun Chitra, and Lev Livnev. We work in-person in downtown San Francisco, 6 days a week.

What You'll Do
As a full-stack typescript engineer, you will be building out both our CLI and React interfaces. You will work closely with both our design team to implement wireframes as React/Chakra code, and with our core protocol team to connect the interface with the protocol.

You'd be a good fit if..

    • You are very comfortable with Typescript, and have experience translating design wireframes into real-world optimized React code.
    • Have interest in zero-knowledge proofs and exchange design, being able to understand the protocol well enough to define client-protocol API specifications.

Our Stack

    • Cryptography: Maliciously-secure SPDZ for MPC, and Bulletproofs for ZKP verification.
    • Languages: Rust for the protocol-layer, Typescript for interfaces and CLI.
    • Networking: libp2p for peer discovery.
    • Settlement: StarkNet for scalability and consensus.
We very much look forward to chatting further!