Integrated Joint Fires Subject Matter Expert (TC2211)

Oahu, Hawaii
Tactical Command & Control – Systems Engineering /
Full-time /
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We seek an Integrated Joint Fires Subject Matter Expert to support the planning and execution of joint and long-range fires in theater-level exercises and demonstrations within the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility.  The candidate will work closely with military and government personnel to develop, test, and demonstrate advanced concepts and technologies in an Integrated Joint Fires Cell (IJFC).

This position requires an active US TOP SECRET (SCI eligible) security clearance.


    • Perform as a planner/operations/assessment analyst for joint fires test, demonstration, and exercise events within U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s new Integrated Joint Fires Cell.
    • Develop and integrate procedures for multi-domain long-range fires command and control integrating air, sea, land, kinetic, and non-kinetic (space/cyber/electronic warfare) targeting effects.
    • Build and execute exhaustive data collection and analysis plans to inform potential solutions through strategies or revisions to concepts of operations and tactics, techniques, and procedures related to Joint Fires and Targeting.
    • Work with senior personnel on the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command staff, other combatant commands, Joint Staff, and component staff to coordinate planning and integration of joint fires and joint targeting into major theater exercises, including PACIFIC SENTRY, VALIANT SHIELD, KEEN EDGE, NORTHERN EDGE, and TALISMAN SABRE.
    • Develop and present professional briefings, trip reports, white papers, and other informational documents designed to inform senior decision-makers and, when appropriate, recommend courses of action.
    • Participate in or facilitate operational planning teams (OPTs), bureaus, boards, cells, conferences, and working group events, information paper development, operational and strategic assessments, and response to or creation of Requests for Information (RFIs), and after-action review (AAR).
    • Research, review, and implement the fundamental Joint Fires principles found in Joint Publication 3-09 and the Joint Targeting principles outlined in JP 3-60.


    • Possess a bachelor's degree in a related field such as Intelligence Studies, Government Relations, or Foreign Policy (may be substituted with an appropriate Professional Military Education program).
    • Possess an active Top Secret clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) eligibility.
    • Should have at least six years of relevant experience in a military specialty related to joint fires and targeting at warfare's operational and strategic levels.
    • Experience at the Corps/Component/Fleet headquarters (or above) Joint Fires Elements, Target Production Centers, Battlefield Coordination Detachments, or within an Air Operations Center’s Dynamic Targeting Cell.
    • Experience in multi-domain/non-kinetic fires, including electronic warfare (EW), space, information operations, and/or cyber-based offensive capabilities.
    • Familiarity with Joint Publication 3-09, Joint Fire Support, command and control concepts such as fire support coordination measures, target engagement authority, airspace coordination, and deconfliction, the dynamic targeting process, and target list management, i.e., Candidate Target Lists, and Joint Integrated Prioritized Target Lists.
    • Familiarity with Joint Publication 3-30, Joint Air Operations and Joint Publication 3-52, Joint Airspace Control, to include concepts such as Kill Box development, Air Interdiction, Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance, and Offensive Counter Air
    • Familiarity with Joint Publication 3-60, Joint Targeting concepts and principles of Phase 5 of the Joint Targeting Cycle, F2T2EA methodology, and service component-specific targeting processes.
    • Familiarity with Joint Publication 3-12, Joint Cyberspace Operations and Joint Publication 3-14, Joint Space Operations
    • Familiarity/experience with the USINDOPACOM area of responsibility includes operational plans and integration of allies & partners.
    • Familiarity/experience with USINDOPACOM headquarters staff processes, including boards, bureaus, centers, cells, and working groups associated with exercise planning and integration.
    • Experience working with combatant commands, joint staff, or operational staff in a position that demands interaction with technical experts, government service, and military personnel.
    • Expertise in advanced combat concepts against modern anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities, specifically in electronic warfare, contested communications and datalinks, 5th Gen fighter integration, and Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2).
    • Experienced user of the Joint Automated Deep Operations Command and Control System (JADOCS), Joint Weaponeering Software (JWS), and Digital Image Exploitation Engine (DIEE) and or other systems related to target development and joint fires automation, i.e. SOCET GXP, RAINDROP, PSS-SOF
    • Experience integrating joint fire assets and capabilities on Tactical Data Links such as Link 16.


    • Possess a Master’s degree in a related field, such as National Security Strategy, International Relations, and Foreign Policy focused disciplines.
    • Graduate of the Joint Targeting Staff and Applications Courses
    • Graduate of the Joint Air Operations Command and Control Course (JAOC2C)
    • Graduate of the Joint Operational Fires and Effects Course (JOFEC)
    • Graduate of the Joint Firepower Controller Course (JFCC)
    • Graduate of the Digital Intelligence Systems Master Gunner Course (DISMG-C)
    • Graduate of the Army Space Control Planner Course or other service equivalent
    • Graduate of the Joint Space Targeting Course
    • Graduate of the Special Technical Operations (STO) Planners Course
    • Graduate of the Information Operations Fundamentals Course (IOFC)
    • JADOCS Administrator Certified
    • Experienced user of Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS)
    • Experienced user of Tactical Airspace Integration Server (TAIS)
    • Experienced user of Air Defense Server Integrated (ADSI)
    • Experienced user of Air and Missile Defense Work Station (AMDWS)
    • Experienced user of Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)
    • Experienced in All Source intelligence analysis, Intermediate and Advanced Target Development

Salary Range

    • $160,000 - $200,000 a year
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